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minneapolis, MN
It was suggested I post this here also.

the Lesco service center in my area (the only one around, others are just sales) is only large LCO friendly. I brought my mower in for service and they said they would call me when it's done. After one week I go back and ask if they forgot to call, "no, but I possibly can get to it today". I am a small company and do not yet have the money to have two full sized comercial machines, one to sit and do nothing unless the first goes down. So I say sorry I can not wait any longer I have to mow.
Three weeks later and the one quart a week oil loss is now one quart a day and I need service fast. They say "maybe in two weeks". I explain I am a small company and I ask if they could simply call me a day or two before they are ready to service so I can drop it off then. They look at me like I just asked them to donate their heart to science and the mobile operating unit is in the parking lot waiting. "One day service?!?" I respond that I do not know how they operate their business and if they can not do this, that is ok. They say: "FINE! write down your number"

So I open the yellow pages wondering if I can get lucky with a shop to service my lesco mower and I call up a shop that sells and services a different brand, I call at 3 PM and they say bring it in today and we will look at it before we close. I end up having to wait 1 day for parts to arrive but I recieve 2 calls in the meantime to update me on the progress. And 2 days later I bring it in I am mowing. All from a shop that deals with a different brand.

The workers at this location have told me time after time that they can not get proper staffing so if that is true I guess it's not all their fault, but they could at least have told me that "no, it is not our business practice to call you a few days prior to an opening in shop time"
Instead they just take my number like they will call later, btw, 2.5 months and no call back.

If this is the business model, when I enquired about a new Z2 (before I knew about the great service I got from the other company's shop which will now get my business on my next ztr) shoulden't I have been asked "will this be your first lawn mower? If so, you will be required to buy 2 of them".
Thanks for making this post. I want to apologize for the frustration and inconvenience that you experienced. Our goal is to make your life and your business simpler, and we clearly did not do that here.

We are certainly better prepared to service equipment in some stores compared to others, but that's not an excuse for us not doing a better job communicating w/ you.

Can you please let me which LESCO Service Center you had this experience at so we can address the situation w/ them?



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I have to say Bob, I like the way that you follow through with peoples concerns on this forum. After reading a few posts it seems like you get stuff done personally and don't leave loose ends. It also seems like you take a personal interest in your customers. Just wanted to commend you.



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Flint, Michigan
I have to say, I fully agree with the statement about how things are handled. On the other side of the coin, I know this may be unusual, but I'd like to add something positive, here. Here in Flint, the reps at our store are a whole different story. These guys are top notch, and go well out of their way to help us. I deal and associate with many lco's in this area, and I can say that there are more than I can count on both hands who would stand up and say the same for these two. Our store is #534 located on Dort Highway. Manager is Tim Howe, and assistant manager's name is Kevin. We are able to kid around with them because they know what the real is, and we do, also (taught by a golf course Super.). Anyway, I would just like to give thanks and express our appreciation of these guys and exactly what they do - especially after hearing about other stores and some with just medium service. If there is anyway to get a letter to these guys from corporate acknowledging the fact that it is known about the job they are doing, this would be greatly appreciated. Again,..thank you for your consideration in this matter.