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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnpro1, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Polyvex-Poly plus 65TCRN (SCU) 21-3-21 $16.65
    """"""""""""""""""""""" 43% SCU 22-2-8 $14.50
    Novex 19-2-19 $20.00
    Just got this price quote from Lesco. Just wondering what kind quote everybody else are getting? Never used Novex before. Anybody out there with any experience with it?
  2. from my research, novex appears to be a quality product geared more to gc market. I believe it's a uf product, with less hwin, so less carry over! Needs microbes to break down! Will get less nitrogen loss than from your other two n sources!
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    I'm testing Novex on my own lawn, but have not used it for clients yet. They recently discontinued a 35-0-0 Novex product, so they had some left at a discount.

    Novex has been discussed here before, so you can do some searches on it. Novex does have a small percentage of water soluable N, but most of it is slow release. It provides a method which does not release with water and moisture alone. I think Tim is right in that microbial activity is the main trigger. The result is a very long release cycle, which prevents surge growth and excessive leaching.

    You can do the math, but 19% N at $20 per bag can get pretty expensive. But here is the part that makes it potentially worth it. Let's say you are maintaining a lawn where you are paid a flat monthly rate. The less applications you make, the better for you in this case. With Novex, you could apply 2-3 lbs of N in single application, and feed the lawn for most of the growing season. You could easily cut your summer applications in half. Now if you are getting paid by the app, it actually becomes a cost burden. Even with a normal application schedule at 1 lb N/M, your results with Novex will be fantastic. You might focus this on some of your higher profile clients.

    If you do the mowing as well, you benefit directly from a more controlled growth cycle. That is especially good when you are talking about Bermuda turf.

    I plan on testing the 19-2-19 on one of my reel mowed Bermuda hybrids this season as an evaulation. Since the size is only 3,000 sq ft, I won't have to purchase that much product.

    I currently use UF-based products, which are similar to Novex. The UF product I get is a 32-3-12 for example. Even though it is a tad higher than $20 per bag, the 32% N provides a lower cost per pound of N. If Lesco had a Novex product with 30% N, I would certainly give it a look.

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