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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by pjnlandscape, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Other than Lesco, there is another distributor in the Northeast that can set up programs and give advice. Valley Green, Inc., Wilmington, MA
    978-694-9011. Always good to see who says what and match prices.

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    It's geared for Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. It can be modified for different areas depending upon your "growing days" at the beginning of the season.
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    Yes, the program that I listed doesn't contain a Broadleaf Weed control in one of the steps. However, that doesn't mean that you can't spray weeds during your visits. That's what we recommend to our customers if they don't have the necessary spray equipment to "blanket spray" the lawns. If they do, many will opt to mix a "cocktail" of products such as liquid fertilizer, herbicide, and pre-emergent control, and then blanket apply the entire mix to the lawn. For the "homeowner" customers, we highly recommend that they keep a 1 gallon handcan mixed up to spray weeds as they emerge. The goal with this program is to keep the crabgrass and grubs out of the lawn in the first place, reducing the need to re-seed every fall because of the damage that's accumulated because of those pests.
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    Try and get the 5 step but at least get the 3 step. LOL Its all what you can sale to your clients.
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    I work your area.

    Call Bill Dixon he is the outside salesman for JDL Haverhill, MA, he was an applicator for a long time, before running the branch as manager. He is a great guy and can give you all the advice you would need to get started.

    Price is based on your level, they dont get commisions like car salesmen do. He is also the guy who would be seting your price, keep in mind you wont be getting great prices starting out. (978) 372-1014

    Advice Read the threads here. Get license

    Liquid weed control for you speedzone southern gets most broadleaf weeds, acclaim will get the crabgrass after it comes out. The early applications of dimension goes down before crabgrass comes out. One thing most newbies dont realize, when you are pushing the spreader, at the end of your pass when you are turning around to come back across the lawn you want to spread back to your tire track, most new people or homeowners throw back to where the prills were hitting, this causes stripes. Always hit back to your tire track.

    Good luck
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    exp allows for the proper scouting tech, no offense to this guy when I say this, but someone who doesnt know what to put down for crabgrass control probably doesnt have the skillset yet to scout for anything...
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    I must say I called you guys in July or Aug and PLS crushed you on the price, plus free del..
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    I couldn't agree more! There are so many people out there that just think they can start there landscape business with little to no experience. I work in the same area and I know and have seen these companies
    Just because you go out and by a brand new truck and trailer and put your name on them doesn't make you legit.
    I have over 18 years lawn and landscape experience and have held a mass pesticide license for over 11 years. I
    worked and managed some of the top companies in the northeast. I started my business after I worked for these top companies for about 12 years.

    So sad I see it all the time. These people have no pesticide license, no landscape certifications what so ever and they under bid all the time.
    Just pathetic!
    Good thing is I eventually I end up getting a call from their customers.
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    You do know this post is over three years old.
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    Just an FYI I have a degree in this and have been in business for 15 years so I do know what I'm talking about. But thanks for your comments.

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