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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Shane7258, Jul 11, 2005.

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    That sounds good. The problem with the internet is you sometimes have to post a few times to actually get the full meaning of what someone really is saying.
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    I agree, gotta love that iron for those nice green lawns. My favorite flavor of fertilizer is Lescos 32-3-8 2%Fe 30% SCU.
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    This is my point just some need to know I do not apply Fert to my maintenance accounts for I do not have a lic to do that. I have on my yard for the last two years used scotts 4 time a year plan Winterizer, pre emerge, weed and feed +2 and summer guard. yes scotts has iron I have used some bags with 2% and one bag with 4. My lawn is nitrogen deficent I just tested it the other week. I have alot of clay and some sand but I do have 2" of topsoil under the grass. Now my neighbor is using Lesco and there grass looks much better than mine but I don't know why? They are by no means interested in their yard to the extent that I am. I have a customer who uses Grow and Show 16-16-16 with 3% iron. haven't seen it myself but the yard is just awesome and he's no yard expert because this is his first yard ever and he burns spots with the fert. The books that I have read say Nitrogen is your color producer but I am asking/saying that scotts gives a real grass look green people want deep green after listening to alot of people talk about this non grass experts. Now when I bag this guys yard it is almost like bagging paper it looks different and smells different than normal grass. I just don't think that scotts produces a great looking yard no matter the program.... Now the lesco yard just looks that much better and I am wondering why. We have bermuda down here if you were wondering if I can find a digital camera I will take pics of these lawns. If the brand didn't matter than why are these companies like true green souther lawn only using lesco products? It must be something
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    Loonie would like to claify. :)

    Since this is a "PROFESSIONAL" forum I was usinig a working assumption that the we were discussing professional products such as Scotts Pro Turf -- which I relaize has Anderson's brand naem on the bag now.

    However, I wills tand behind my comment even with Scotts Homeowner line. A knowledgeable turf man would be able to create a far superior lawn to many of the people on this borad no matter what products they were given or canned program they used. In some ways Scotts had good products -- its their formulations that are flwed. Too much N and not enough K. But.... I could work around that.


    What is special about Lesco? theya re simply prilled nutrients with coating -- very old technology. In most ways they sellt he oldest schol fertilizer out there. They have some higher shelf stuff like Novex -- but mostly all their stuff is low grade scu with urea and MOP. This is their niche. They sell to mass market LCO and start-up lco who are trying to provide a "decent" lawn. Their are alot better products and technologies out their that they choose to not put in their bags because of price. The average person I have seen at Leso baks t paying more than $12/bag.

    When youstat using fomulations with nitroform, nutralen, sop, organics, the price goes up. Most of the ferts I use hover around the $20/bag range. Good values -- but not something Lesco would carry much. As a matter of fact my main fertilizer is made by Interval. Ever heard of them? I hadn't either until they blended my next rounds fertilizer. Same ingredients that other brands use - Nutralene. nitroform and sop - not a not very pretty bag :)

    Shane, focus on learnign the science of turfgrass -- and forget about the brand of product!
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    scotts sold their commercial line years ago to Anderson. We use all lesco products and love them. never have had a problem. As some one had said lesco does mix product for scotts, but it isnt lesco product and if you want another tid bit, lesco also blends alot for trugreen...but we all know how that turns out......
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    Actually- the Turfbuilder line from Scotts has a portion that is methylene urea, which is the slow release portion. The particles are homogenous (all-in-one), making rate applications more flexible versus blended ferts, such as Lesco SCU products, etc. There doesn't need to be a coating on the TB line due to the chemical makeup of the product. For PLC however, it is too pricey unless you get the loss-leader deals at Home Depot's truckload sale. Scotts W&F products in homogenous particles are likely among the best because of the smaller particle size and even distribution of nutrient and herbicide. That said, spraying works better..
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    I don’t like to say that I know it all but I think I can offer some good info. Sorry if I repeat anything, I started typing this before I finished the thread.

    Scotts or Lesco? Either, depending on your knowledge, which analysis you buy, timing and accuracy of application, and usually most importantly, how much you want to spend. Easy answer, Lesco.

    “Scotts doesn’t produce fertilizer for the commercial market”. Not true. They do, but only for Scotts Lawn Service (Standard Prill). As far as I understand, from a few years ago, Scotts shipped out their urea and Polymer-encapsulated sulfer-coated urea to Lesco manufacturing facilities to blend the N with ammonium phosphate and muriate of potash, etc., to get their balanced fertilizers and put them in Scotts bags.

    “Scotts ‘homeowner’ fertilizer doesn’t have any slow-release”. Not true. I’m not an expert on this material but I know it at least has some methylenediurea and I think some dimethylenetriurea (slow-relase N). However this stuff is VERY slow, 3-4 months and realeased mainly through microbial action. But the amount in it is almost negligible.

    “Lesco fertilizer at home depot has no slow-release”. Not true. I know for certain that the 18-24-12 has 25% PPSCU (poly plus sulfur-coated urea) available at Home Depot.

    I know that Scotts makes at least one commercial grade fert for SLS, of course, that has some iron in it. I think it is a 22-2-11; not sure what %.

    I agree, Scotts homeowner ferts have too much N not enough K and not enough slow N. They have no good summer ferts. Good for spring/fall. They need to make something that works well on Fescue AND Bermuda in the Transition Zone in the summer.

    Most of what Lesco stocks in the store is the cheaper stuff because that is what everyone buys in bulk. The larger companies use cheaper ferts. This doesn’t mean Lesco doesn’t have good fertilizers, they just cost more and many times have to be special ordered because no one buys them. They do have ferts with SOP (sulfate of potash), mini prilled ferts with 75, 80, 90% slow N. Novex (methylene N), Polyvex (methylene N + PPSCU), etc. Look at their catalog or website.
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    :dizzy: never said it did, i was trying to show the difference in between w/ iron and w/o. does the license applicator not know that iron helps green up the lawn? if they don't then maybe they should find a different field of work. hope you read the lable better then you read threads.
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    Take that stick out of your arse. There are a lot of things that turn grass dark green. Iron isn't the only thing.

    Ever spray ammonia on your grass? Scotts makes grass dark green. Hint hint.
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    yes, and... i stated iron as the obivous difference between the two.. anyway from your post to me, i think the stick is up yours..

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