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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by usg2949, May 16, 2005.

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    I am curious to know if anyone has used Lesco Dimension 19-0-6 along with 5-10-31. The reason why I ask, is that I am very unpleased with the results this has giving me. My neighbors are using Scotts and Dyna Green and their lawns have been a dark luscious green since March. Lesco suggested that I put down the first application and then follow it up with a second app 4-6 weeks later. Well, I put my second app down about 4 weeks ago and it looks terrible. Can you tell me what you have used that has given you great results. I am in the Kansas City area with Blue Grass and water regularly.
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    Use a fert with Iron in it. Or if you can, apply liquid iron. Last about 3 weeks.
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    All I use is Lesco and my yard get's nothing but compliments. You may want to do a soil test and see what you are missing. I also agree you want to add something with iron to maintain that green without the onslaught of growth.
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    A lot more to having a good lawn than putting down whar Lesco sells you -- what do the soil test results say -- what is your soil profile. lots of cultural practices as well as grass type that could also play into the picture.
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    Lonnie, you may have misread my post. I do use Lesco exclusively, however, I recommended a soil test and completely agree there needs to be a solid understanding of the current state. That is obviously critical to assess the needs of his lawn. He can then supplement accordingly and then establish a maintenance program. Whether or not he chooses Lesco is his call, I wasn't implying that it's a cure all, but their service and products are top notch.

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