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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ace@A&P, Sep 15, 2010.

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    First and foremost, my tranny is at it's end. I think it's repairable at this point but I wanted to get some pointers on what to look for. I have been on the dealer/shop side of lawn equipment for the last ten years but sadly never had the opportunity to take of these apart. There is a little side to side and lateral play in the transmission driven pulley under the mower so I am assuming it will need needle and thrust bearings very soon. The mower wants to "jerk" when I am operating. It's a wrist breaker and getting irritating not to mention slowing me down. This mower has had a sulky on it's entire life so wear and tear is inevitable. 5-speed with reverse assist 700 series tranny btw. It also wants to pull to the right the entire time which I am not sure if that is also because of the tranny or just a belt issue. I have checked and everything keeps turning except for the two output shafts to the wheels so I am guessing it must be internal. No grinding noise though.

    Another problem I am having is finding parts or parts breakdowns. I know that Lesco is now John Deere but frankly I don't trust the local dealer to get the right parts so I'd like to look them up myself. I need brake bands and both drive belts (double v, cogged). I'm just not sure where to find them. I was hoping someone would have a parts book for this machine. 15 kaw 48" deck model #707554

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Lesco=cubcadet.........start there for parts.:drinkup::drinkup:
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    Thanks Dan. I use to work at a Cub dealer so I do know that Cub and Lesco are one and the same but the belts are different depending on the model. Cub has about 6 different models under the name "G1548".

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