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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by wissel_landscaping, Nov 5, 2005.

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    I'm at lesco at least 3 days aweek, the guys there are great. yesterday i went to pick up a lesco aerator they seen my truck pull in the lot the guy brought out the aerator gave me the run down on it i said i also need 3 bags of double eagle plus blue as i was loading up the machine he brought out the bags of seed and put them in the truck for me. another time i took my lesco walk behind in for new belts he couldnt get it done that day he said do you need this mower today i said yes he said take that rider over there we will call you when your mower is done. i wouldnt think of going anywhere else.
    just thought i would let you know how well the guys at this lesco treat thier customers.

    2925 Interstate Pkwy
    Brunswick, OH 44212-4327
    Donald Codeluppi

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    my local lesco is very helpfull also i broke my renovator and they got me all the parts i needed in 1 day i would tell anyone to go there for some great service

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