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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EGL&L, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. EGL&L

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    Am considering a Lesco HPS, given the price compared to a PG, and I do very little spraying as my properties are pretty clean and usually only require a spot spray here and there.
    Would like some input from others currenlty using the HPS as to how it handles on slightly sloped terrain, how does it impact the knees, and how does it perform overall?
    Thanks for any info.
  2. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Find the Lawn King here.

    He loves the things.

    I have one too.
    It will hold on to steep hills like no other machine I've used.

    They dont cost much as I recall $2600.00(?).

    It is still worth considering the price of a more versatile machine.

    I have a PG and the Z-spray as well.

    I only use the Z now and on a few rare occasions I push a spreader.

    The other two don't get out much anymore
  3. JWTurfguy

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    The bottom line is that if you're not doing very much spraying, the Permagreen is probably a waste of money, at twice the cost of the HPS. The HPS is simpler to maintain, as well.

    However, if you're even considering doing more spraying, you should think hard about getting a Permagreen. If nothing else, you might even find that with the Permagreen, you start spraying at times when you might not have done so otherwise. Hopefully that can translate into extra revenue for you, or at the very least, more satisfied customers.

    One thing I will say, though.....if you decide to go with the HPS, make sure to get yourself an extra set of cables. Lesco doesn't always have them in stock, now that they've streamlined their in-stock parts selection. You'll probably be going through a set of cables per season, so it would be good to make sure you have them available, versus waiting while they're on order (or even backorder).

    One last word of advice: if you don't have a pesticide liscense and you're only really spraying to take care of the accounts you already own (despite the fact that it's illegal), don't buy a Permagreen. It's like waving a big red flag and greatly increases your chances of getting fined by the State.
  4. EGL&L

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    Thanks for the input so far. Anyone esle care to chime in?
    I am a licensed applicator in 2 states, so that is not an issue. As well, am fully insured. I hope that most people in this business follow the same suit, as it is protection not just for others, but for themselves as well.
  5. RCA

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    Great machine, I'm pretty satisfied overall. It's great on hills and triples my productivity. I am dissapointed with the cables, though. I am already replacing them after seven months. Maybe you can get your Lesco dealer to throw in an entire set if you buy the machine. They're about 15.00 each.
  6. RigglePLC

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    If the parts are slow--maybe it is time to think of generic cables--from your lawn mower dealer for instance. They can probably cut them to size. Hopefully at less cost. Sounds like you should shop in advance of need.
  7. lawn king

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    I purchased 2 hps, great machines for dry chemical.

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