Lesco HPS Problem

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Kentucky72, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. Kentucky72

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    My Lesco HPS ride -on is having trouble going up the slightest hills belt starts squeaking and have to jump off an push until levels out again. To me it feels like clutch is slipping just wondering is their an adjustment on these machines . Did internet search and came up with nothing. The problem is, it is least then 2 years old and this week i had to buy a gas tank because the old one started to leak were they fused to 2 pieces together and a gas cap were old one cracked and a cable for the 3rd hole open close. Any one else have this problem and can help it would be very much appreciated.
  2. RigglePLC

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    Could be the belt is slipping. Try to adjust the tension. Or spray some "belt dressing" on it. Or...get a new belt. I think the machine is made by Cub Kadette; they make their own version now; look for a dealer. Whole thing is owned by MTD of Cleveland.
  3. ksJoe

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    If the sides of belt look glazed (shiny) replace it.
  4. jbturf

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    check your tensioner pulley 1st, the hps is notorious for bad short lived pulleys,
    there is an updated part # for this using a metal pulley/sealed bearing

    once or if your pulley is fine, loosen the tensioner mounting arm bolt and readjust it for
    good tension on the belt.
  5. Kentucky72

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    Ok guys went out this morning and adjusted tensioner pulley and gave it a test run and problem solved. Thanks for the advice on that one.
  6. lawn king

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    Either the belt is loose/stretched or the idler pulley is cooked. My money is on the idler pulley as i have replaced several on my hps units (2). If you replace the idler/pulley, squirt fluid film into the bearing, it extends the life big time!

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