Lesco Hydro fill questions

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pepsicolla, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Ok so my father owns a Lesco 60" Viper. He had a left wheel motor go bad and it ruined the both pumps in the process. So I got used left and right wheel motors and pumps. My problem is I cant find and fluid fill procedures for the thing. Does any body know the best way to fill the system without air locking them. The hoses are all empty as well. From what little info I have found people have had trouble getting all the air out. Anybody?
  2. pepsicolla

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    from ny
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    Wow Nobody?
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    Usually it goes something like this:
    Make sure ya don't initially overfill the tank.
    Jack both wheels off the ground.
    Crack open the bypass valves.
    Run it a little faster than idle, and slowly work the levers forward, let run for a bit, then reverse, let run for a bit.
    Shut it off.
    Check the tank.
    Close both bypass valves.
    Start it up and let run at normal speed.
    Slowly work both levers as above.
    It may take a while to work all the air out.
    When ya get good motion outta both wheels, take it off the stands , top off the oil bag and take it for a test spin.

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