Lesco Hydro issues

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by davidw221, May 26, 2006.

  1. davidw221

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    I have a 48" Lesco Hydraulic, I took the mower to the repair shop for maintenance, including changing the hydraulic fluid, and filter, when I received it back, the hydro is slow to respond, and when its cold it doesn't want to run.
    I'm puzzled, because, when I took it into the shop it didn't act this way, the mower responded in a positive way, now I have issues! I'm looking for some help, anyone have this issue, or know what my problems might be?
    The repair guy is pleading the 5th on this one, oh by the way, I've never used
    this shop before, my guy had to retire do to health reasons.
  2. rider

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    wrong oil? takes 20w50. air in the system?
  3. Restrorob

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    Sounds like you took your unit to the wrong place. ;)
    Did they install the proper filter ? As asked above, Did they install the proper oil ? You may try jacking the drive wheels off the ground and run the unit at full throttle and work it from full forward to full reverse about 8 to 10 times to see if any air trapped inside works it's self out.
  4. Dashunde

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    Maybe try to get ahole of the retired guy to ask what fluid he used to put in it
  5. wriken

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    Make sure your valves that turn to be able to push the mower around are tight, there located on the hyd pumps. They maybe slightly loose.
  6. cmcfalls

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    had same problem, jack up drive wheels, open valves on pumps so it can free wheel, at slow idle work levers forward to reverse 5 times let run approx 5 minutes, then while still running close off valves to let wheels turn again, work levers again let fun 5 min more, should solve problem make sure oil is full, I have service manual for pumps if you need

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