lesco hydro trade for cub rider

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cuttinggrassiscool, Jun 13, 2006.

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    okay, so i have a cub cadet rzt 50(yep homeowner) with just under 60 hours on it, no real problems this far. i have been offered a trade for a 2003 lesco 19/48 hydro with the two wheel sulky and metal catcher in trade, the machine has around 500 hours on it, and other than a mostly bald tire, is in really good shape. the thing that worrys me is that it just had a hydro pumo replaced, and i dont know about the other one. i cant decide what to do, keep in mind i only do this part time. after realising my mistake in buying the cub, i though i had decided to get a season out of it and then sell it and buy a wb. should i go for the trade or wait and try to sell this in the srping?

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    Boy... I dunno...

    I get nervous about units with one hydro part replaced, and the reason for that is there is NO isolation built into almost all hydro systems. The same oil is shared by the entire system. So when one part goes, who knows what else could have been contaminated and partially damaged.

    But it only has 500 hours on it and who knows 'how' the part went down and was replaced.

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