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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JCee, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Hey guys...thanks for all your replies to my posts...

    If you remember I had some questions regarding my 36inch Lesco Fixed Deck WB that I just got. (http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=119070). The mower will not cut as low as stated.
    Well like I said the absolute lowest that I can get the front of the mower is 3inches. That is absolute!!! The manuel states that the absolute lowest the machine will cut is 2inches. (Aware of all three adjustments). And my deck is nearly flat, with only a slight increase in height in the back.
    Called lesco at the corporate office and they offered me this....The back tires that were put on the new 36 inch are an inch bigger then that of last year. So the man told me to take the mower into my service shop to have the tires changed. Instantly I was happy...problem fixed...but wait....
    If I take an inch off the back wheels the back of the mower will be lower then the front. Now the back of the mower would be doing the cutting which is wrong and against Lesco standards. I addressed this to the man and he said to lower the blade 1/4 inch. Again this still doesnt lower the front to cut how lesco wants you to.
    After some further talk with the rep he states that the manual which says that the mower can mow from 2"-4" is actually a misprint and it only will go down to 2.5" max. (Nice of lesco to let you know this when you buy the mower). The rep stated that the manual was printed by an outside company so lesco has no control.
    So we left it at that I will take the mower back into the dealer and see what he says....which is to call the corporate office which they told me in the beginning. Meanwhile I am stuck because I cant cut my lawns with my brand new mower. Sorry for the long post but I'm curious as to what you guys think.
    Corporate lesco also said it may be a welding problem or something put together wrong. I can't wait to see how long this will take. Arghhh....
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    if you want to cut lower you need to put your deck mounts in the upper holes which will drop the nose of the deck. The smaller tiers are going to bring the deck up not down
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    actually it wont do anything (or minimal) to the front end of the deck (the cutting portion). It will just bring the back down. It would just pivot on the front wheels
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    This is my back lawn just cut....WAY to long for a fresh cut....

    And hole I appreciate the response....I dont think you understand exactly what I am saying. Regardless if I put the mower at it's extreme low it will not correct the problem which is this thing isnt right. Should I have to put my mower at its most extreme low just to get my desired cut length. I want the mower to do just what it said when i bought it...go from 2inches to 4inches.


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