Lesco lawnmowers


I've got mtd pro wb. They are the same as lesco. (someone correct me if I'm wrong)<br>I bought it new and the deck broke off after 3 months. Had lots of problems getting things from the dealer in a reasonable amount of time. <br>Blew a gasket in the 14hp Kaw after 5 months and it took 6 weeks to get a new one.<br>Email for more info.


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I had a lesco 48&quot;, it didn't manuvere like other mowers, there is no true reverse on it, and parts would loosen up on it and fall off. I think theier overseeders are great but that is all that I would buy again from them


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My own opinion is that Lesco is not the best brand of mower. They basically make 2 different lines of mowers: The fixed deck and the floating deck, which cut quite differently.<p>I would take a good look at other brands before purchasing Lesco.


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stoner--I've used a lesco 48 belt drive now for four years and it was well used before I bought it. there hasn't been a thing go wrong that I couldn't fix myself IE. starter rope broke (no real problem-left the mower running all day then fixed it in the lesco parking lot after they gave me a bunch of starter cord for free). I do my own belts and such so my machine has never been in the shop.<p>as for the recommendation...mine is not the mtd kind, it is the old model that is tough as nails and dependable. I love it. of course, I could be persuaded to buy a new exmark hydro for the right money.<p>the comment about no real reverse is true about most, maby all, belt drives.<p>one thing to consider is service after the sale. I might agree that, based on my experience, I don't see a mechanic at my lesco dealer very often. that would bum me out if my machine were sitting in the shop. good luck.<p>GEO


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I was at lesco yesterday and ran in to a guy who has 15 lescos wbs. he told me he has had not one problem with them and he was buying two more of them.


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I was at the lesco dealer the other day and looked at the mowers. Now, someone mentioned it was hard to get parts. By me at least, lesco has set up its own repair shop right in there retail stores. I don't know if they are doing this nationwide, but they had quite a setup. It looks like they are building up so as to be able to give you good service along with them. Just a observation.