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    i was wandering what your results have been with this product using it on bluegrass, rye and fresue? i am now using trimec plus in my pack pack sprayer for weed control in my lawns. the trimecs results are great but because it has the3 consistency of pancake batter it is very time consuming to mix theraly. when i on the go i need a liquid herbicede i can mix real fast and be on my way. also what is the recomended amount per gallon for the momentum? and any problems with turf burning?
  2. I burned some turf last season using momemtum. I had it mixed on the high side, got carried away with a can sprayer spot<br>spraying, then it stopped raining on May 15<br>well you get the picture I created some<br>'*****&quot; spots and the homeowner did not<br>have a dog on site.<p>Mix it on the light side and as always<br>some bad ass weeds like ground ivy and<br>wild violets will need repeated applications.<p>Does any body have a url for the label?
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    mr. stone <br>this is a good site that has alot of labels and msds<br>http://www.uhsonline.com/info.htm<br>another site thats helpfull<br>http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/plantanswers/turf/turf.html<p>i just looked and for some reason it dosnt have momentum, sorry to waste your time, still 2 good sites the second one has some stuff on athletic fields and school grounds i have noticed from your posts that you like this type of work<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida<p>
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    Evan,<p>Why are you using Trimec Plus for just weed control? It's not even a good comparison. Are you trying to get broadleaf weeds AND crabgrass?<p>I use Trimec Plus every year, but only on certain areas and only for a small window right when crabgrass sprouts.<p>Anyway, Trimec Plus is expensive as *&@% when you're only treating for broadleafs.<p>As far as results with Momentum, I could write a half page, but suffice it to say I like and I second what lawrence stone said.<p>
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    Try this url<br>http://www.bluebooktor.com/free_b.asp<br>I checked to see if it was listed and it was (label & MSDS).<br>
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    I've used Momentum for two seasons now, and I have been pleased with the results. However, if used on warm season grasses at the labled rate of 3/4 oz, it can burn when the temps go into the high 80's and 90's. I cut the rate back to 1/2 oz, and add a little iron to the mix to reduce yellowing.
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    has anyone used the herbicide confront? ive heard pretty good things about it. though it is expensive i am trying to find a easy to mix substitute to trimec plus.
  8. I applied confront b/4 momentum was available. <p>Confront is out of fashion now because it<br>cost 4 times as much as momentum and controls<br>most of the same weeds.
  9. Evan528

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    can anyone tell me what they are now using and how good it woks? i do alot of spraying lawns where i spray the entire lawn so i need something that will not harm the turf in any way. a landscaper in my neighborhood uses confront and he seems to have very good results. i actually bought a galloon of momentum last year and never used it after i heard some stories about it burning turf.
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    Evan,<br>You didn't reply to my last post, but...<br>We use Momentum as our primary broadleaf herbicide. It contains a small amount of triclopyr and clopyralid (Confront) and a large % of 2,4-D.<p>I like the strong 2,4-D for quick dandelion knock down and the confront to deal with the difficult to control weeds.<p>It is the best broadleaf herbicide for all-around use that I've used.

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