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    lazer, the reason i am using the trimec plus is exactly for the reason that it not only kills broad leaf weeds but also grassy weeds like crabb grass and nutsedge. the only reason i havent been just using it to kill crabbgrass and something else for broad leaf weeds are because i havent found anything else with the great results like trimec plus.... thats the exact reason wqhy i made this post....im looking for something easier and beter to use for broad leaf weed control.
  2. Try mixing the Trimec plus and Confront at<br>100% of the low rate. Then test the mixture<br>and record the results.<p>If that gives good results try 75% of low<br>rate for the next test batch.
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    Evan,<br>I think 10 years ago Trimec+ was as good as it got. Now, you'll have to do some of your own mixing, but Momentum (and others like Millenium) are better for broadleafs and Drive75 works far better than MSMA for crabgrass, especially more mature ones.<p>You'll have to mix some of your own solutions but you'll have better results for less money.<p>Anyway, to answer your original post, Momentum will mix quicker/easier, have less odor, cost less and produce better results on more broadleaf weeds than Trimec Plus.<p>(I'll probably get an e-mail from Gordon's Monday morning :))
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    Evan, you should get great results with Lesco's Momentum or Riverdale's Millenium Ultra. My experience has been mostly with Riverdale product, but have heard good comments as above about Momentum.<p>There is a greater potential for turf damage when using either of these products, if calibration and mixing is not closely observed. Overdosing when using a 2,4-D and triclopyr and/or clopyralid (Confront AI's)combo can hurt the turf. Friend nearby tried the Confront + 2,4-D similar to suggestion above several years ago and killed a few lawns.<p>When you check the labels, note that the triclopyr/clopyralid percentages are very low on Momentum & Riverdale products. Before availability of these two, golf courses in our area had great success with a combo of 2+2 (AI~25% 2,4-D) at 1.5 oz/K and Confront at 0.18 oz/K. This is less than half the low rate of Confront.<br><p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana

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