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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Husky

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    Jon, my local Lesco buddy keeps telling me these machines are the way to, go, because they are trying to hard to enter the market the prices are WAY lower than the competition, but are they worth it???
  2. worthbrown

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    I have a 60" 25hp kaw, and I love it. It is the same as the Cub Cadet Tank, only alot cheaper. I like the local Cub dealer better, but for 1200-1400 more, I can't see it. I will only use the Lesco dealer for warranty work (hopefully I won't need it), and then the Cub dealer can work on it after that. (hopefully I won't need that much either).
  3. lightning01svt

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    Guess I could help u here! lol Do a search on this site about "Lesco", and find out the problems is just went through. I just dump my 23hp/54" Sat. for an Ex Mark, and can not believe the difference in the mowers. Lesco mower are over framed, and too heavy. They very easily tear up the lawns with their drive system, and over sized tires. Of course I could/would never admit to it until this past Sat. The price is not worth it. Start calling around and asking people to let you trade in a used Lesco for another brand. See how far you get, and how much they are willing to pay you for your trade. You will be shocked. My suggestion: "Do not buy a Lesco". Just my $.02! :D Good luck w/ur choice.
  4. wriken

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    I have a couple of them, Tanks, a 60" and a 72". They have the same drive system as probably 95% of the mowers out there, so I would say if your tearing lawns its your operators fought, not the mowers. I run 7-8 lbs of air in the rear tires, unless I'm bagging then I up it up.

  5. lightning01svt

    lightning01svt LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for your professional opinion about your theory on the tearing of the turf. The operator is myself, and I tried everything I could for 8 months on this issue. No matter what I did, half throttle, backing up before turning, different stick positions, having it checked for problems, and many others. This was still an on going issue that I had with the mower.

    I jumped on this Ex Mark Sat. and cut yards with it. I think I may have only scared one lawn for a brief second. By the time I was done, you could not find that impression I had left. Normally I would leave at least one scar on over half the lawns. So if it is like you where suggesting, the operator, then I would like to believe the problem would have followed to the new mower. Thanks for your thoughts.
  6. wriken

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    my thought is I operate this brand of mower also, and I dont scare any more lawns then what I see my competitors do, I'm sure all brands of mowers tear sod up. Not just lesco's brand.
  7. lightning01svt

    lightning01svt LawnSite Member
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    I can agree w/u on that. I notice you are in north. Another problem in the south is we tend to get allot of coastal showers. Soft soil could also play a roll in the problems I had, but again, I did not have any scars Sat. that I normally would have.

    The turf tears is not the only issue. I worked on trading my mower in for the past couple of days. Everyone I called, except a few, would not ever consider a trade in. This was a shocker. "Your best bet is to sell it out right!" lol The problem was, their is a only one dealer in my area. The next is an hour to an hour in a half away. From what was explained to me by my dealer, they do all the warranty work for the surrounding areas. So when I had the problems I did, I was not able to drive, with in reason, to the next dealer to fix the issue without a fight. It cost me over a week in a half of down time. This was not acceptable. Thanks again, and good luck.

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