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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heygrassman, Jul 16, 2002.

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    I have had a few questionable experiences with Lesco and I am not sure if it is my expectations are too high, dumb luck, or Lesco as a whole.

    1st. Lesco has been working for a soil sample for 3 weeks now (fourth week this sat). First it was "they take at least a week to 10 days", then I have to check with the guy you gave it too and "he is not around right now", finally it was "oops we misplaced the sample, but we found it and sent it out." The whole time I never once got a call after calling every other day. On top of that, never a "hey man, sorry we made a mistake." Unfortunately after tonight's conversation with the customer, I am going to loose a pretty good customer over this ordeal. This is the end of June and not the busiest time of year.

    2nd same trip, we start talking about grubs and after 15-20 min of exchanging info on why I should buy Merit over Mach 2 (and half of it not sounding the same as we have covered on the board - thanks all) the guy tells me "I am still learning about this stuff and honestly we make more money on the Mach 2 but the Merit is cheaper and covers more."

    Finally, it seems like everytime I call to price something it is "on the truck that will be arive in the morning". {I now ask them to physically check if it is in stock after I called on a price on a spreader, went up to get it asked if it was in stock and was told very quickly "yea we got it".... yep not in stock}

    The lack of professionalism is bothering me but I am really new at this and maybe outta my league with Lesco, should I know what I know talking about and just buy? Is this dumb luck?? I am curious on your thoughts or experiences, maybe your alternatives.

    Thanks in advance for allowing my ramblings.

  2. General Grounds

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    :blob3: oue lesco dealer is great, a little pushy at times but very reliable, sorry to hear about your exp. you would think that you would get a sorry. for what its worth i use mach 2 with no problem, i will switch to merit next season jus t so my grubs dont grow a resistance to mach 2. been very happy with both though. tony
  3. hoagie

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    The lesco in my area is top notch...

    The sales manager is unbelievably knowlageable, and will tell me when something is not worth the cost and a cheaper alternative. I thought I knew alot about turf care... untill the first time I stepped in there. She will even come out to my site if I cant diagnose the problem.

    They always have everything in stock, everybodies friendly... and I absolutely love the place.... seriously.

    Definetly sounds like a management problem at your place... I'd give a call to some higher-ups.
  4. Jason_S

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    Our lesco dealer is great, they are not only helpful.... but great guys!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was sent out to get edging with another worker and when I got there and asked him for edging and they were out... he felt so bad he gave us a doughnut or two and a soda for the road. I though that was a really nice gesture and he told me where I could find edging (places I already deal with and know of) which was also pretty professional of him.
  5. Most people who work at Lesco are from TGCL or could not make it in their own LCO (Sorry tremor)

    Some are good some are bad.

    Their accounting department sucks.

    They know they have good products and charge "YOU" out the yin yang for them. You can buy other places for much less. You just have to know what you are looking for.

    One store I used to go to has a sales men who is rude and unhelpfull and his boss is the head of the area here and I wish he was there more often.

    Calling the main office does not help.

    Recomendation; find an alternitive place to purchace your products from.
  6. The Mowerdude

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    Howard is the name of the manager here at Lesco in Nashville. I cannot say enough good things about him. But, at times he suffers from the same silly corporate problems that plague all managers when he's stuck in the middle of trying to please his customers (that's us) while his hands are tied by his superiors. To add to his problems, he has helper that IMO really needs to go and find a job that he likes, because he certainly doesn't like the one he has and he doesn't miss an opportunity to show it. As a whole, Howard does a superb job and I have to say that I continue to business with Lesco but really, I continue to business with Howard. If he leaves, I probably will too.
  7. JJOHN22042

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    Have Two Lesco Dealers in my Area. One is Great and the other always has a Higher Price on every Item. This is what I hate. Here is what happend bought some Fert for the first Lesco at $25 Per Bag. Well I was one Bag short on a Job and was about a Mile from the other Store and went to get the Fert(same product) and the Price was $39 Per Bag.
    I can say I was just a little pissed. Lesco could be so much better they been woking on a Web Site for the last three Years and still nothing.
  8. longviewlawncare

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    i have never had a problem with lesco at all. They always have evrything i need in stock and if not it is there in a hurry. good prices too.
  9. robert payer

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    Very pleased with Lesco. Wish that they opened a little earlier, and closed a little later. Their work hours are also our work hours. It costs us lost revenue in travel time just to make the trip. Otherwise pleased.
  10. TeHoss7

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    Lesco has been great for me, always very knowledegable..In fact I just bought a new walk behind from them.

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