Lesco or Exmark

DanThe Grass Man61

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Cleveland ,Ohio
I am looking into getting a zero turn mower and want to know what you guys think ,I can get a new Lesco 54" with a 23 HP Kaw
for 6,300 + tax or an Exmark for 6,845 +tax with same engine ,is the Exmark worth the extra $550?.


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for a low budget WB I say lesco.

but for a ZTR, I'd want to ride with pride. that is if I had one.

I think I'd do a lazer over a viper. JMO.

The difference between the eXmark and the Lesco - Well, there is nothing really to compare between the two other than the basic ZTR design -----eXmark man - exmark!!!



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southern Georgia
My experience has been EXMARK has better people behind their machines.Lesco is a good mower but some locations have just one mechanic and they might just work a few days a week. Anytime I have had a prob with an EXMARK they have put me on another machine the same as or better than mine and get mine fixed super quick. Thats just my exp your delearers may be different.


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Atlanta, GA
Hmmmm....Lexus or Kia? Ok, maybe that's not fair. But the price difference will more than be made up come resale time. Factor in the proven designs, dealer network, and proven great cut quality of the Exmark and it's not that hard a choice.

I would go with a "discount" mower brand only if it was a mower I only used as a backup or for specific small tasks so that whatever choice I made wasn't that important. I would also want a more significant price discount to go with any mower that isn't considered one of the best. Lesco may well be a great mower, but I don't see how it's superior to the more proven Exmark. When thousands of dollars of productivity over its life are involved, I would make sure I had the best unit possible.


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Central Florida
Lexus to Kia? Are you crazy? It's more like Kia or Exmark. All these people talking about proven design, what proven design are we talking about? All these mowers are essentially the same, minus some speed here and there, some accessories, colors........but they are essentially the same. They all perform the same tasks you require of them, they are all commercial quality. The problem is with the service and parts. If you can get the parts you are good, if you can get the service too, it is great. If you are mechanically inclined, service is not an issue, just get the parts. I had a Lesco Viper, the only complaint was the weak deck (at the time). Now they got the heavy gauge deck like everyone else. Mower is beautiful (Z-Two) much better looking than an exmark in my opinion. $500 in savings is spectacular. With $500, you could get 3 new spindles, 1 set of rear tires, belts, blades and some miscellaneous items that will make your Lesco outlast your exmark after they need to be replaced. Or you can get you the Redmax 7001 BP blower. I think both are great machines, cant go wrong. I just think the people that attack Lesco is because they know no better. Saving money makes sense to me though.

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