Lesco over Scotts?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HazellLawnCare, May 16, 2002.

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    Ok I'll be the first to tell you I've been putting down alot of scotts fert with weed preventer in it over the years without a license. Well I've finally taken my test and I'm legal I've been looking alot at Lesco products and they seem the same as scotts for cheaper are they better? tell me your experience.
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    Lesco is the real deal, while Scott's is geared and marketed more toward the homeowner. What I mean by that, is Lesco is custom blended for different cultivars, different regions, different conditions, and different purposes. Scott's is custom blended for whatever time of year it happens to be and for whatever the local hardware store seems to be selling at that time. Do this, contact your local golf courses, and ask them what kind (brand) of materials they are using, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Lesco is going to be somewhere on that list. Now, ask them how often they use "Scott's" brand fertilizer, and wait for them to stop laughing before telling them Thank you. Now don't get me wrong, because Scott's happens to be an excellent quality of fert., they just don't have the ability to cater and service the vast market that Lesco does. Oh, when you're finished calling your golf courses in your area, call whatever stadium is in your state for your baseball team, and ask to speak to the director of facilities management. I think you'll find the same will hold true here, also.
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    And many others.
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    Actually I find that Scotts is used alot on golf courses, actually many times more often than lesco. Scotts has a vairety of fert that can cater to any situation you may have. Don't think that Scotts stuff is made for the homeowner just because they sell some stuff at Lowes. Of the courses I have worked at, there was definitely more Scotts than lesco.

    Also lesco prides themselves on being the largest SCU supplier. In my mind, it is junk. Scotts IBDU products are much better. And I know of no fertilizers that are cultiver specific, and fert does not vary much on a regional scale. I would check to see what type on N you want to use and go from there.
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    We have a fertilizer plant around here that some of the golf courses use because they can get custom blended.
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    Scotts doesn't make a pro line anymore. They sold the label book to The Andersons. Scotts only manufactures the retail line today.

    We (LESCO) also offer the NOVEX line of homogeneous matrix style fertilizers. It smokes every other slow release source made today including IBDU. It's also patented.

    All told, we make, sell, or distribute fertilizers containing all of the following N sources:
    1.) Urea (who doesn't)
    2.) Poly Plus SCU (largest producer in this hemisphere)
    3.) Urea Formaldehyde (ornamentals)
    4.) Triazone Urea (liquids for any use)
    5.) Natural Organic (both Sustane & human biosolids)
    6.) Methylene Urea
    7.) NOVEX (stay tuned for more details soon)
    8.) Ammonium Sulphate (mostly west coast)
    9.) DAP

    We derive N from more sources than this, but you probably get the point.

  7. George777

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    I use only Lesco and let me tell ya my lawns are looking awesome. The dark green Of the lawns set them apart from other brands. I also like the service they offer in solving problems. The price is also good.

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