Lesco Parts or Crosses?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by -, Jan 29, 2001.

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    I have a 48" Lesco Hydro that needs some new parts to get ready for this season. One of which is a regulator. The local Lesco wants $95.

    Is there a place online that sells generic parts or crosses for the Lesco Line of Mowers?
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    If your mower has a Kawasaki engine on it, that would explain why it is so expensive. JD wants $190 for a little 12 volt starter for my 6.5 HP Kaw. It went out within the first year and was covered under warranty, but it went out again.

    The regulator should be an engine item, just go to any small engine repair shop that has your engine brand and they should have one. You can possibly get a used one off of a junk engine if you don't want to pay full price.

    If they go bad, it will either over charge or not charge at all.
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    I think Lesco WB's are made by MTD Pro, but someone will correct this if that's wrong. Landscaper Supply has good prices, and they can get it to you quickly.
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    I have found that lesco's prices are extremely competitive. That might be a good price.
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    Do you know the part number of the regulator that you are looking for? I will be glad to check out a price way up here in the artic north. Heck we have nothing else to do this time of year but measure how deep the snow can get. Is the regulator from the engine or the mower.
    PS to the guy that wonders if MTD makes the mowers for LESCO. Close, but a company named CTP makes mowers for both LESCO and MTD or what will now be sold as Cub Pro.
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    Lesco mowers are manufactered by CTP of which Lesco has joint ownership. Lesco wanted to relocate their production from Sebring Florida to Ohio and MTD wanted to get into the commercial market.

    Prior to the joint venture MTD was primarily a retail minded company thru Cub Cadet dealers and large retail distribution. Lesco gained R&D out of the deal and MTD gained valuable information on the commercial mower market.

    Lesco still oversee the production of there mower line and insist on the high standards we have come to know as Lesco equiptment. MTD has no imput on the lesco equiptment production line.

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