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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Lawn Solutions, Jun 20, 2003.

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    I called lesco to get a price on the new mach 2 formulation and was quoted $47 for a bag of 13-0-13 50% scu. This seems high
    to me but I've never used it before. Was wondering if I'm getting a fair price for a small one-man operation?

    This spring I bought 19-0-6 .10 % dimension at $14 a bag and ran out so returned several weeks later to get more and paid
    $15.50 a bag. I feel like a big sucker everytime I buy from them.

    Any comments on these prices would be appreciated. I haven't been able to locate another fertilizer dealer in my area that carries the selection that lesco does so for time being I guess I'm a captive customer.
  2. kickin sum grass

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    You must watch lesco. Shop around and get prices. Then go to lesco and get thier price. Compare and tell them what you can get it for. They ALWAYS have matched the price for the same product. Sometimes with no questions asked but sometimes they want a written est from the other place. And it does depend on how much/often you buy from them. The more you buy over the years the better the get. I am now only buing about 50% of my materials from them. It used to be maybe 10%. I will say they are probably worth a buck more a bag not not over that. I do notice a small difference in spreadability of thier product and I LOVE the plastic bags over paper. The wealth of knowledge they can supply makes it worth paying a small amount more too.
  3. MrBarefoot

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    I have found that you must shop around.

    Last year I paid Lesco $14.00 a bag for my round one product

    This year I paid $10.00 a bag for a better product from some other source.

    Lesco could not match either the price or the product.

    I approached Lesco to try to get them to match or beat a price for my round three product. So far they have not.

    Now I am talking about buying three pallets of fert here (3 tons) for my round 3, so while I am not a "big time" fert buyer, I do think I should qualify for some level of discount.

    I do still buy Momentum from Lesco and I buy other stuff from them as well.

    In closing, just shop around, don't think you are a captive market. Widen your search area, ask other people in your area where they go. Good Luck
  4. Mscotrid

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    What other product did you buy. Analysis and active? I'm curious as to what you get for $10.00 a bag
  5. turf78

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    Prior to this season Mach 2 went down at 1.5 AI/A. Now the label has changed to 2.0AI/A. So last year if you bought Mach 2 with fertilizer from Lesco it was a .86%, which 3.5 bags per acre gave you 1.5 AI/A. Now with the label change that same bag of Mach 2 with fertilzer is 1.33% Mach 2 which goes down at 3 bags per acre. I would think since the Mach 2 with fertilizer now has over 35% more active in it it than last year it would cost more...........and 3 bags this year does the same as 3.5 bags did last year.

    Nitrogen has gone up with natural gas because it is used to produce hydrogen and heat to form anhydrous ammonia from which urea is made.

    Expect and adjust for higher fertilizer prices now, if you can store fertilzer plus pre-emergent buy now for next spring.
  6. MrBarefoot

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    I bought a 22-4-4 mini-granule w/ dimension, and used that for my round one product. This was the first time I used this supplier, so I suspected at the time that they threw me a major bone to get me to come back so they could gouge me later. But the gouging has not happened yet. So far I have bought about 6 pallets of fert from them.

    No complaints about green up and performance of the Round one product.

    If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me directly


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