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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MIKEJ, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. MIKEJ

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    I was looking for an opinion on Lesco products. I now have a 48inch. belt W/B and have not had any problems with it. When I was pricing mowers the Lescos seemed to be alot less money in comparison to other mowers in its class,so I picked it up. I have no coplaints,but because of the price difference I am left wondering if Lesco is cuuting corners in the quality of these mowers. I am thinking of picking up a 52 W/B for this season, but dont want to overlook other mowers.What other mowers have you guys had better luck with. Thanks for the input. :blob2:
  2. rkbrown

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    Since I am currently in the market for a 32 or 36", please allow me give you my thoughts on the subject. When it comes to a 32" or a 36", most of the belt drives are probably similar. However, when going to something like a 52" with a floating deck and hydro, you start making quality distinctions. Lesco is probably almost as good as anyone else in the small gear drives, but for my piece of mind I would probably look at others for a large hydro walk.

    The other consideration is service. The only Lesco that does service in the shop is quite a ways from me. The 2 service centers closest to me do not have mechanics in them.
  3. wriken

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    I have no coplaints,but because of the price difference I am left wondering if Lesco is cuuting corners

    If you have not had any complaints as of yet, I would say their not cutting any corners, I dont think lesco makes a floating deck model, you would have to check out a differant brand or a cub if your satisfied with lesco, certain cubs are the same, I have 48" MTD hydro w/b, same as lesco,, and a cub 60" ztr, same as the lesco z2, both have given me no problems. see ya
  4. Rhett

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    Hey MikeJ, Have a 52 belt drive Lesco I picked up a couple of months ago for a great price. Can't really comment on the quality or longevity as I have only had the opportunity to run it on three lawns. It had 8 hrs on it and now has 11 on it. Don't know if this is a mower I would want to spend 8 hrs behind. This thing is definitely a work out. Like the 17 Kaw on it as it seems to have plenty of power. Needed a carb kit when I bought it and Lesco would only sell me a complete carb. Ende up getting a kit at a Deere dealer.
  5. yergus

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    i have a 36 inch belt driven lesco
    a 48 inch belt driven lesco
    a forty eight inch hydro
    and a 60 inch viper (ztr)
    very satisfied with all
  6. Ed Ryder

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    I think some makers of mowers have a factory to distributor to retail seller business model. And it appears Lesco has one less layer in their distribution chain. So with no middleman they can charge a very competitive price.

    I'm just guessing.
  7. PaulJ

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    MIke (I hate to say this) but try searching for Lesco mowers under my name -Paulj. I have defended the quality of the Lesco machines many times on here and continue to do so. What Lesco doesn't have is some of the refinements showing up in other brands. They had a Floating deck but discontinued it do to quality issues (they didn't want to sell something that didn't work well)
    They have tough commercial duty machines. No electric clutches on WB. No cup holders. No over-sized tires. Just Pistol-grips. No sealed spindles (good or bad?). No spring belt tensioners. Minimal deck baffling.
    MIne handles and cuts well. No repairers needed yet (going on it's third season)

    It's your choice. One of the reasons I probably won't buy another Lesco mower is I want to buy from a dealer closer to home (Lesco is 100 miles away) and I want some of the extra that the Lesco doesn't have.
  8. paponte

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    MTD makes Lesco machines. MTD was bought out by Cub Cadet. They did discontinue all their floating decks because they were garbage. You will see a lot of 48" floating decks on eBay for cheap, cause they just can't get rid of them. As far as fixed decks, they are a pretty good machine for the money. I own 4 of them. payup
  9. MOOSE

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    I have a Lesco 48" from 1991 that my father bought for our company . We used it for a few years and sold it. Then I went into business 3 years ago and needed another mower and called on a lesco in paper.. Well needless to say it was person that bought our mower originally.. The mower is GREAT, starts right up and mows great too. It even looks better then my 1995 Ferris 48" walk behind.

  10. DLCS

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    Mtd owns Cub Cadet. Mtd makes Cub Cadet, White, Troy Bilt, MTD Pro, and Lesco.

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