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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J&R Landscaping, Aug 28, 2006.

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    I found out earlier this summer that there was a lesco center in my area. I went over today and checked them out a bit and I liked what I saw but I have a few questions...

    To those of you who have or have had a lesco, how do you like the machines? Would you buy another one? How many hours do your lesco machine(s) have on them and have you had any problems or recalls etc?

    The center around me had a lot of parts in stock but the only thing I was a bit concerned about was they said if my machine requires a major repair, the will ship it to west chester (not that far) but I will usually get it back in about a week. Thats ok except they don't have any loaners to offer and I don't have a large fleet. I liked the prices and the mowers seem to be built well!
    I have seen how well they stripe and I am impressed by that as well! Do those of you who run lesco mowers have a striping kit on it or is the stripe that it gives just a natural result from the good cut?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  3. J&R Landscaping

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    Thanks, I did a search and got some additional info.
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    I bought my first Lesco (60" Ztwo) last year. I'm more pleased with this mower than any other one I have owned so far. The way things seem to be going with other brands, I do not foresee myself considering anything else for a WHILE. In fact, if nothing changes I plan to standardize to all Lesco mowers. I doubt I'd get anything else unless I ran across a steal or decided to use something else for a dedicated specialty application and could see where some other machine would be more suitable.

    As far as reliabilty, I have had ZERO down time in 14 months of hard use and I hope that continues. It's sure nice just to do normal service maintenace... and otherwise just turn the key and go.

    Service and parts delievery after the sale have been great with Lesco and I have ZERO complaints there. Well, except I wish the would fix there website, as the old site was much easier to find stuff on than the new one.

    HOWEVER... I'd be lying if I said I would not be a little concerned with what your service center told you about service. Who cares where they fix it... but a week is just too long to have a main mower down should something happen.

    From all I keep track of, the service record and reliablity of these machines seems to be 'top dog' right now. I've never had a problem and everyone else seems to be having a similar experience... no major repairs or breakdowns. Sure that is comforting, but lets also be honest... that doesn't mean you won't get the one that breaks. The possibility cannot be denied. So if this should happen to you under warranty you may have to wait a week for it to be fixed... or if you do no repairs yourself even outside of warranty.

    So you have to be the judge of that.

    You can get the same thing through Cub Commercial and have a regular hometown dealer... or you can certainly look at the other brands that do also.

    I love my Lesco, but I wouldn't steer you either way here.
    Only you know what you are comfortable with.
    So you must decide.
  5. ACutAbovesiny

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    I never heard of Lesco until last year...none in my area. Closest one is about 40 min away.
  6. ThirdDay

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    Lesco/Cub/MTD is decent equipment but I did not like the quality of cut. There are a lot of mowers out there with a much better quality of cut........we tried everything to fix ours but to no avail....Finally just got rid of the mower.

    The biggest problems is service. The Lesco serivce centers are basicaly clueless when it comes to service on mowing equipment..their mechanics are second rate at best and parts availability???...don't get me started! They don't seem to stock ANY parts!
  7. surgeon83

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    I've been away from the business for a while, but here are some things to watch out for if you're buying a Lesco. I bought a new 48" 17hp hydro in 1998 and it seemed like a lot of machine for the low price, but:

    1. They used to have these spring mechanisms to add resistance to the levers so that it would get significantly harder to squeeze down and go in reverse- this absolutely KILLED my hands, plus after a few months the mechanism jammed up and on one occasion, I could not stop my mower but fortunately my POS car was there to stop it (literally) rather than a customer's car, lol. It did some pretty significant body damage. I figured out the springs could be removed without ill-effects, and I hope they discontinued them on new models.

    2. The hydro pumps would sometimes take several minutes to squeal and prime up before the mower was able to go in reverse. This made it a pain to get the thing off the trailer. Dealer told me that's what we have to put up with on hydros.

    3. After about 300 hours, one of the hydro gear mechanisms to the wheels (don't remember technical term) stripped out while I was going up a hill (mower started rolling back down on me!) and was replaced under warranty. This if course did not affect the priming problem.

    4. Even at its best, the reverse function was not sufficient to make true zero-turns, so the mower would pivot and leave divots just like a belt-drive.

    5. The wheelbase was 36" and the tires quite narrow- I think the width was 6.5 although the deck was 48"- this machine was very unstable on hills and got worse traction than any mower I've used.

    Honestly though, if they have a model with a 48" wheelbase, started using more reliable hydro systems with reverse that works, and easy, fail-safe controls, you should be alright.

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    I Like the Lesco stuff because I can buy it for half price in like new condition. I have 2 48 and a 52 WB and when slightly moddded they are good work horses. I feel to void the warranty and get a like new machine for half price is great but if I were buying new I would not even consider them in my area because quick and good service is the key to you being at your jobs week in and week out on time to pay your bills.
  9. Raven386

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    I absolutley love my lesco's! we have a 48"-Belt & a 52"-Hydro. they cut amazingly. i love the way they stripe. everythings very easy to fix. but like everyone says Service & parts is the key. we have a lesco like 5minutes from my house. so parts are no problem. they also sent all theyre warranty work to a local shop so he is a pro w/ Lesco's. Ive never had too many problems with mine. i grease it everyonce in a while and it runs perfectly. last thing that happend was the brake band broke. and the only other thing is a drive pulley got bent and the belt wasnt riding it right. our 52" is brand new... and it runs perfect. with the sulky on it i felt the pumps were underpowered. but w/o the sulky its great. i really never wanted a Lesco Z... but at $6300 for a 60" im starting to like them.
    - they do that all by themselves! im trying to make a striping kit for mine... so far so good... didnt try it out yet. i will never have anything but Lesco w/b's. thats just my .02
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    J&R...sir--I have had a LESCO 48, belt, 14 KAW for many years.

    it is a killer machine. it goes and goes and stripes naturally.

    if any thing goes wrong with mine, I just fix it myself.

    good luck whatever you do.

    GEO :)

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