Lesco Renovator 20 (Slitseeder) Maintenance and Problems

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ITL, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. ITL

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    Any special maintenance I should do with the Lesco Renovator 20. I suspect that proper belt tensioning, lubercation, and filter maintenance are key. The manual does not specify a change interval for the hydro oil and dealer did not know schedule. I am thinking once a year drain the tank which will not change the oil in the pump and lines will be sufficient as the hydro system should be pretty much sealed. The engine oil for the Kawasaki 8 HP horizontal I think should be 25 hours as some conditions produce a fair amount of dust.

    Any one have problems or reoccurring breakdowns with these machines? With our unit after estimated 15 hours the center brush/flap in front of the blades came off and lets say the rotating blade destroyed the flap. I will ask the Lesco Mechanic if he will drill the rod on the sides and use a cotter pin or clip over the push on ID interference washer type cap.


  2. BSDeality

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    when i picked up my renovator it was missing one of those clip/clamps. so i drilled it and stuck a cotter pin in, i plan on doing that for all of the other flaps at some point.

    CHeck the air filter daily, just tap it out, you'd be amazed at the dust that comes out. I changed the oil after 2 days use (about 8-10hrs on teh machine). hydro oil should be good for 75 or 100 hours at least.

    I'm going to look at the belts this week sometime, i suspect I might need to replace my drive belt already since its making a nice squeel. Lesco told me to pick up an extra double-v belt for the slicer, however I think my drive belt is shot
  3. dmc456

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    Just tighten the belt.
  4. allgreenlawncare

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    We are almost thru our third set of blades(Missori more rocks than soil) this season and the second belt has started to fray.. If you havent ordered both a belt and blades get on it...;) Lesco doesn't seem real responsive...

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  5. Runner

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    It was about 80 bucks for a new set of blades when I ordered them, I believe.
  6. JB1

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    Allgree' wasthrough that area this summer, very nice area.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    Wait Till U Hit A Rock Big Enough To Spin The Disk On The Shaft
    What Fun It Was To Fix
  8. allgreenlawncare

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    Yes great area if you like water activities..

    Or if you like Fungus and Algae ha ha..

    Dock irrigation pumps pumping unlimited free 90+ degree algae laden water all summer..

    Fun Fun Fun..

  9. ITL

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    First season completed with only belt adjustments and replacing center flap clip with drilled hole in shaft and washer/cotter pin in place of easy to install but not very secure clip. Blades look like they could be reversed to other side. Sure get to see (or hear as they hit underside of deck) how many rocks were not raked out before lawn install on most of the newer subdivisions re reseeded 2 to 5 year old sod installs that did not recover from dry summer. Dustycedar hoping we do not see that big of a rock with the blades. Couple of yards we did have to pull out some large surface rocks. Found it best to scan the next pass while walking to avoid the large surface rocks. Time to change oil, hydraulic oil, and run fuel out to put away for next season.

  10. EVM

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    Oh man, I am just pissed off right now. I bought a Renovator 20 the other day. I have gone through 2 belts already and I have not weven seeded 3K feet. I saw a bunch of used Ren 20s on Ebay with their belt guard off and now I know why. When you shut the blade off you can't let the lever go, you have to slowly release it or the belt will pop half way off one of the idler pulleys. If you have the belt guard on you won't see this and about 5 minutes later your belt will be shredded. Today I started using the machine again and this time the teeth on the belt got shredded and I have now idea why that happend. Can someone help me out?


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