Lesco rep says 4.5 lb. of N per year ok, any comments.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mikesturf, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. mikesturf

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    I talked to a Lesco rep regarding using their products for an annual fert/pest program (yes I'm licensed and insured). The following is his recommendations for Chicago, cool season lawns, mostly bluegrass with some rye and fine fescue, sunny lawns:
    1. Dimension .1% 19-0-6 (.79 lb. N/1000ft2)
    2. Momentum weed and feed 21-3-21 (.75 lb. N/1000ft2)
    3. Merit .2% 24-5-11 (.84 lb. N/1000ft2)
    4. 21-3-21 (1 lb. N/1000ft2)
    5. 32-3-8 (1lb. N/1000ft2)

    Applications 1-4 are slow release and #5 is fast release.

    Does 4.5 pounds of N per year seem excessive. I have read that 3 to 4 pounds is plenty. I would like to know what other options I have to cut down the N or is this fine??? I would like to hear from the Lesco users, if possible and what you are using.
  2. trying 2b organic

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    Well I would really like to know if 3 - 4 is plenty since Im using organic fert which is really expensive since it has less N per bag and i have to apply more. I know if they mulch mow we can use 30 % less. But assuming they dont Ive been working on 4-5. OH and btw. Im still new at this and have already decided im using an "organic blend" next yr. My cost per lawn will be half and i dont think the customer knows or cares. The comp. trademarks the word -superorganic- whcih is a blend and uses it while i am here using -organic- and therefore feeling I have to use 100 % organic.

    btw i would be worried about burning with an over 30 N quick release product.
  3. ChickensDoo

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    mikesturf: I don't think 4-5 lbs N per year is excessive on bluegrass lawns in your area. I would want to be certain that the fertilizer with Merit is at least 50% slow-release nitrogen, because of the timing and the rate of application.

    trying 2b organic: I have had excellent results using organic-based fertilizer blends (40-70% organic matter) the last 2 seasons. The feedings provided 15-20 lbs organic matter per 1000 sqft per year, and 3 lbs N per season. You can decrease the NPK rates when OM is supplied.....
  4. mikesturf

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    The merit is definately slow release. Because this would be spread on the lawn in late June, early July.
  5. James Cormier

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    4-5lbs is fine, however it depends on the site, soil conditition, customers goals with there lawn,

    In Central mass we have been struggling with red thread problems in many lawns, Some of my properties are recieving 6-7lbs per year, Come to think of it my min. program is 4.5lbs

    Organic...well we marketed a organic program few years back, people were very intersted until they saw the results of a true organic program, crabgrass,weeds,insects and expensive fert.

    I come up against these so called "organic" LCO's every spring, and they are full of &%$#, They still do blanket dimension, merit and weed control, THey just use a fert that has 50% organic matter and now their "organic"
  6. TOMMY1115

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    First off, 4-5 # of N is fine as others have stated, especially for bluegrass.
    Secondly, I wouldn't worry about burning the turf with your last app of 30N quick release. You are still putting it down at 1# of N/m just as you would with a 24N product.
    Plus, you might want to check with the Lesco rep again because I think the 32-3-8 is 30%PPSCU with 2% FE unless they have a different blend up there.
  7. Since I started in N ILL, born and raised, I think 4-5 lbsN/m is excessive if clipping remain, but if clipping are removed, I would think 4.25 to 4.5lbsN/m is adequate for maintanence, apply more if turf density is weak
  8. mikesturf

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    Yes, that is the 5th and last treatment of the year. Unless I understood him wrong, he said it was a fast release.
  9. mikesturf

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    Thanks. The University of Illinois Extension Office, along with other state Extension offices (Ohio, Iowa) usually do not recommend more than 4 pounds per year. Thus, my question. Just trying to get some "real world experienced" responses.
  10. JB1

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    just sat in a class today on this subject, speaker was the turf guru from Purdue and that is just about identical to what he was telling.

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