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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by precisioncut, Mar 8, 2004.

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    (Ill give you my theory on life)
    every body is looking for incentive so give it to them. I gave my lesco guy a 6 pack of beer and iv been gods gift to man ever sines.
    Next time you put out little more garbage for the garbageman take him a beer and see if your cans are on your tree lawn every time form then on. We are all looking for a little personal rec ignition right. That old lady that gives you a glass of water when its 90 out gets a little more of you time right. love is good but a tip is better
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    Just got my applicators lisence a few months ago and have been to Lesco and another local fert company. The local fert company gave me a large catalog that had all their products and prices. The prices showed where you would get a discount if you bought a certain amount-which is fine. However, with Lesco, I sometimes feel like I'm at a car dealer. He gave me a verbal quote for gypsum of $8.00 per 40 pound bag. Go in a month later, is $7.00 per bag. Go to Home Depot its $5.95 per bag. I feel gyspum is gypsum, however fertilizer quality is something totally different. I love the knowledge and service, but I always get the feeling that I'm getting ripped off and not getting the best price. Dimension 19-0-6 30%ppscu $13.40/50 lb, Momentum 21-3-21 w/f $26.20/50 lb.
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    I used to buy plenty from them before but their pricing strategies have gone to pricing them out of consideration as of late. The reps here have been ok but feel at times they don't want your business when some smaller "mom and pop" competitors can give better prices and they'll just come in to match the price at the last minute to try and get my business. I just let them know as my business continues to grow, my money keeps going elsewhere. I know a number of poeple that are friends that work for them and they understand my position, and they're great people too. Its just everyone has to compete for business,I know I have to, they're no different.
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    Lot's of turnover at my Lesco.
    Rep quality seems to go down with each new body.

    I will be visiting JDL very soon...
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    I use Lesco like I use Quiktrip. There when I need something fast. But... I get my main order each year from other sources.

    Sean at the Olathe Lesco knows his stuff and is always helpful.
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    I work at a local golf practice facility about 4 miles from my local Lesco branch. The other day I was pulling my hair out because the owner wanted the front lawn painted green (yeah that's right). I also operate my company and spent $12k with them on product last year. They have been dangling the Perma-green in front of me too, but their leasing co. already turned me down on financing. Anyway, I really needed them to shoot me over 2 gallons of turf paint, delivered that is. "It doesn't look good, MIke we're really busy over here." "Well how 'bout tomorrow?" I ask. "That doesn't look good either. Tom's in meetings all day and I will be alone here." OK, I have to go get it myself. So I go over there and these 2 reps are leaning against the counter BS'ing with each other! "Hi, Mike, let me get you that turf paint." OK, I think Hmmm, busy, eh? but get back to the business at hand. I also wondered if I should add an iron product to the paint as long as I am making an application, and the turf is starting to awake. "That will only work if your turf is actively growing," Tom says. No **** sherlock! Do you think I don't know that? Anyway I was just thinking out loud, and I decided against it, because I was painting it green anyway (however dumb that is-not my idea). Thanks for the expert advise anyway. I decided to get only 1 gallon and see if I could stretch it. Well after 3 hours with a back pack sprayer I run out with only 3/4 of the lawn painted. I go back the next day to pick up another gallon at 9:30 am and I'll be damned if both guys aren't leaning against the counter BS'ing with themselves. Meetings all day, huh? Add that to the fact that neither rep has taken me up on the offer to come and check out the site in person and hit a free bucket of balls while they're there, and I think they really don't give a damn about me or what I do. I bought a Z-spray direct from the manufacturer, so they can take their Perma-green ride-on and stick it. I also opened an account with UHS and last year's $12k will be more like $20k and I'll buy from UHS. I am sure they don't have a clue as to why they won't be seeing me, but it isn't my job to tell them either. See ya Boys!

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