lesco ride on spreader

James Cormier

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Any one using this yet, I got a chance to drive one around a few weeks ago, I would like to buy one, take off the drive system ( hydro) and attach it to one of my P-G's

How bout the Hy lander or Rabbit or any other riding spray machines that are out there,

I saw one that looks like a walker frame with a big spray tank onthe back, cant remember what company it was.


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we have three "perma-greene supreme" models.

all three are different because they kept changing systems,like hopper and brakes..

we like upgrades,but joining with lesco made a great machine.

earlier models had some strange hoppers, brakes and controls.

we will replace our old machines with lesco's to get the hopper,shields etc.

you didn't mention the spray system? were you looking at the spreader only model?

have a great season.
James Cormier

James Cormier

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yeh, Lesco's new machine, looks like a highwheel stainless spreader frame with a hydro sulky attached to the back

No spray system but I sure one is comming, not too sure on how well the frame will stand up.

I never liked the spyker spreader on my centri model, I have some old lesco truckster spreaders that I thought about mounting on my centri to try and make a wide area spreader,


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Lescos new toy is going to pose a few problems as I see it, first of all the paddle gears are the same as the conventional push box. Also the bar in front of the unit is a curb disaster. Poor turning radius. Much like the 6 wheel Gator type machine they came out with, its seems like a quick get into the market type set up. Man do I frown on that.


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it is long but may work out 4 some
no 1 in my area has bought 1 to let me know how well it works

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