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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SystemXpert, Oct 28, 2002.

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    9 days ago I overseeded and reseeded some areas of some lawns. I did the proper soil preparation and mulched lighty with weed-free straw. I used Lesco Transitional Blend seed and as of today I still do not see any germination. I live in South Carolina and we have had steady temps in the upper 60's during the day and lows in the 50's at night. The soil has been kept moist either from rain or from sprinklers.

    I have always used Scotts Tall fescue in the Past and usually saw some germination in less than 7 days. This year I started my lawn on a new feeding program from the Lesco commerical center. I did apply starter fertilzer on the same day as I seeded. The entire lawn was aerated on that day as well. The rest of the lawn looks good, but the bare areas still look bare, but covered with mulch instead. Our first season frost will come in about 2-3 weeks and I'm getting worried the baby grass won't germinate in time.

    Has anyone had any experience using Lesco Seed ? Does it take longer than normal Scotts or Rebel Seed ?

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    I use Lesco transition blend seed and have good results. I see good germination in about 10 days.

    Have you or anyone else applied any pre-emergence weed control to this property in the last 90 days, either alone or as a fertilizer/pre-emerge combination? If you have, it could account for the lack of germination.
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    Scotts Weed & Feed was used in July. However, this seed was spread on Oct 19, so its been more than 3 months with lots of rain to help clear out the soil.

    Maybe I'm just impatient.... I just look around at some of the other lawns and see nice lush beds of baby grass growing up through the straw. The grass around the bare areas looks great, but the bare patchs look dormant.

    The bag says 7-14 says, so I'll just wait. I just wondered if this seed took longer to germinate than most.
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    Soil temps! You get fast seed germination with warmer soil temps. The temperature is a few degrees lower than normal. It will take longer to germinate. The seed jobs we did early took about 4-5 days to start germination. The later ones are taking 7-15 days. I've had tremendous results with LESCO transition blend in the past and this current year.
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    like hoss said its all about soil temps, we put a couple in around a week ago, and im banking on 18 to21 days with the cool soil temps.

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