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    This will be my second season applying pesticides. Last year due to lack of funds all contol was done by granuales. Obviously the best control was not performed. I have saved enough to purchase a 200 gallon lesco skid. I'm working on my chemical budget, and curious how many square feet or acreage is everyone getting out of a full sprayer. Three way calls for 1-1.5 oz per 1000. How many gallons of water is everyone mixing with that per 1,000. Any good suggestions for a mix such as a iron and geen flow and the rate suggested. This is my first year as I said previously with a this type of sprayer, and would like to go lighter than heavier to pevent any poblems. Thanx for any replies
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    Apologize for the incorrect spelling my r's are going out of this board.
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    The Lesco 200 gallon spray rig is a very nice unit. If you're definitely going to get one, get the one with the 3/8"-400' hose instead of the 1/2"x300' hose. It'll be a lot easier to maneuver around trees and such. Plus, when it's fully extended, it'll be a lot easier to pull the thinner, lighter hose.

    I was trained to blanket spray lawns at 2 gallons per minute (equals 1,000 sq. ft.) for fertilizers, pre-emergent controls, insecticides and herbicides. For fungicides, the spray rate was also 2 gallons/1,000 sq.ft. per minute, unless we were spraying for Necrotic Ring Spot or Patch Disease. The rates for those diseases was 3 gallons per minute (equals 1,000 sq. ft.) If you're spraying at the two gallon rate, you should be able to get 100,000 sq.ft out of a full 200 gallon tank.

    I can't give you the specifics on the mixing of the chemicals, as we were spoiled where I worked. We had the specifics sorted out by our in-house Agronomist and he printed up a 3-ring binder with each product listed, the amount that you wanted to mix - 1 Gallon, 10 gallons, 20 gallons, 50, gallons, 100 gallons, 200 gallons, 400 gallons, etc...(example: 3-Way = 1 Gallon of Water + 99 ml of 3-Way.) This book was our BIBLE on a daily basis and saved us all from figuring out how much product was needed for each amount that needed to mixed. We mixed all of our products in Milliliters instead of standard measurements.

    Mixing isn't too hard though, and I've done it where I needed to figure it out for myself, just follow the directions on the labels.
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    O.k. It's been awhile since I had to mix this product and I noticed that 1 gallon rate in my previous post was incorrect. Sorry!

    I just came across an old fill sheet here and we mixed our Lesco 3-Way at a rate of .55 oz. per gallon, but like I say, we used milliliters when mixing. Thus, here are the rates of fill per gallon.

    1 Gallon of Water = 33 Milliliters of 3-Way
    2 Gallons of Water = 66 " " " "
    3 Gallons of Water = 99 " " " "
    20 Gallons of Water = 330 " " " "
    30 Gallons of Water = 495 " " " "
    40 Gallons of Water = 660 " " " "
    50 Gallons of Water = 825 " " " "
    60 Gallons of Water = 990 " " " "
    70 Gallons of Water = 1155 " " " "
    80 Gallons of Water = 1320 " " " "
    90 Gallons of Water = 1485 " " " "
    100 Gallons of Water = 1650 " " " "
    110 Gallons of Water = 1815 " " " "
    120 Gallons of Water = 1980 " " " "

    200 Gallons of Water = 3300 " " " "

    To figure out how much sq. footage you'll get out of a mix, divide the gallons by 2. Example, if you have 200 gallons (200/2), you should net 100,000 sq. ft. For 80 gallons (80/2), you should net 40,000 sq. ft. Of course, this only applies if you're spraying at 2 gallons per minute or 1,000 sq. ft. per minute.

    I hope this helps.
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    At 2 gallons per 1000 sqft, one 200 gallon tank covers 100,000 sq feet. YOu are not mixing fertilizer in tank--of course.
    If you are using 1 ounce per thousand add 100 ounces of Three-Way and 200 gallons of water. 100 gallons requires 50 ounces. 10 gallons 5 ounces.

    However 400 feet of 3/8 hose suffers a lot of pressure loss (as compared to half inch hose). I could not find a good hose flow chart, but I think you lose about 10 percent for each hundred feet. Does anybody have a link to a hose flow chart?

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