Lesco Spindle assy.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ArboristSite, May 14, 2005.

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    I have a lesco model Wb30030248 Serial wb30500137 and was wondering if this spindle looked like anyone that owned a commercial MTD Pro or Cub Cadet. There is not a Lesco Dealer near me (there is but across town) and the Parts Smart program my dealer had I couldn't verify if it looked right or not. It definitely had all the right looking items but the deck configuration looked a little different (not the same turn buckle). I attached a picture for you to compare. I hope you all can help!! Here is the link to what the Lesco looks like if you have a MTD Diagram. I just want to support my local dealer on this if I can. Thanks in advance.

  2. ArboristSite

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    BTW the MTD spindle I was looking at was part number 00057412.
    I got this mower at auction with a new electric start 19hp Kaw. it is Hydro. Picked it up for $1200! Didn't think it was that bad. Just for around the house!
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    I just answered my question once I looked at the J-thomas breakdown. It says replaces OEM # 057142. Sorry, Ya'll. I just called the dealer and he says that is lower than his cost. It lists for close to 200 bucks. Looks like for 80 bucks difference I am going to J-thomas.
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    Boy oh Boy, I am sure glad that we all got this straightened-out. Good job, men.
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    Me to Jim, I spent 20min. on my dealer web reserching :dizzy:
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    Lesco's WB's and ZTR's are made by CTP(Commercial Turf Products) which is the Commercial division of MTD. Units are exactly the same as the Cub Cadets except for the paint color.
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    Thanks for this information. Just ordered a few parts for the lesco 36 dual hydro.

    On-line diagrams looked the exact some, will know when the parts arrive. :clapping:

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