Lesco Split Drum Aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DAVELAWN, Oct 2, 2005.


    DAVELAWN LawnSite Member
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    Anyone try this 4hp honda machine? Comparison to others? Looking for something to use and not beat up my workers......
  2. FINN

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    I purchased one this month. I did about 60k with it so far and did 30k with it this weekend. It's an aerator. They pretty much all beat the crap out of you. I have a friend that has a Ryan Lawnaire 24 or 28? not sure of the number. It's a hammer style and I don't think it will beat you up as bad. It appears to be easier to handle. It's also about $5K.

    The split drum turns easier than the other aerators but its' heavier and still needs to be horsed around like the others.

    Nothing is harder to handle than a Mattaway Overseeder. That will really kick your azz.
  3. LonniesLawns

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  4. Stinky Pete

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    The Lesco aerators are Classen aerators.
  5. PR Fect

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    Dave just used the Lesco soild drum, I wanted to rent the split but my Lesco guy did not have one. The Honda engine kept staling because of the oil switch. After we disconnected that, Things went better. It is very fast! It did pull a bigger plug on the drive side than the engine side. I would think it could be the same on the split drum. PR
  6. turfcobob

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    Look at the Turning Aerators by Turfco at Turfco.com. They are split but drive with brakes and are really good on hills. Plus you can ride behind them on big lawns. Fast too mine goes 5 mph when I have the sulky behind it. Comes with a Honda and I love mine works great. They have a smaller one too for small lawns. Mine is a 26 and now they make a 20 for small lawns.
  7. ant

    ant LawnSite Silver Member
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    z plugger from lt rich
  8. DuallyVette

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    Tell me more about the z plugger. It looks like a good aerator.

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