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    I am getting ready to buy a 200 gal sprayer from Lesco. The company I worked for bought one 3yrs ago for 2500. I got a quote for 3444 this year. Did I get quoted full retail? or have prices gone up that much? I need a tank for a ford e150 van, any suggestions on other alternative sprayers to save money? Lesco does not seem to be to customer friendly lately.
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    go check out your local cub cadet dealer, same sprayer. or check other companies.
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    They may have gone up with the price of steel but that seems a bit much. Also, try to find a used one. I have bought a few used for no more than a 1,000 and in good condition too.
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    Hate to rain on your idea but if you drop a 200 gallon tank into a quarter ton van, you're way over the GVW. You have to have at least an 8600 pound rating to legally use a tank like this (a full tank anyway) and you should go to a one ton van or truck.
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    Do yourself a big favor and consider buying a Gregson-Clark V-200 skid sprayer instead. They do have great customer service. I should know. I bought one from them a few years ago and I couldn't be happier. There is another thread you should look at where this was already talked about. Click here to see it. >>http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?p=2174364#post2174364
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    Green-Up, Take a look at our modular systems. They are quite popular for vans and enclosed body trucks. http://www.gregsonclark.com/modular_systems.html

    The pump/engine and reel are on a compact frame and can be positioned in the side door and the tank(s) are on a separate frame and can be positioned for ideal weight distribution and ease of access. The modular tanks can also be easily removed when not in use. Many sizes are available. Thanks.

    Rhett Clark
    Gregson-Clark Spraying Equipment


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