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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HydroRI, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. HydroRI

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    I decided to try a Lebanon Pro product in my spreader. Has anyone ever used the 30-5-10 w/ PolyXpro in a lesco rotary spreader? The label says set the spreader to I , in numeric terms that means 20 for my spreader. There is no way I am going to cover 15,000 sq. Ft. set on 20. Then I went to Lebanon's site to look up spreader setting and it says 17. Can't be?? I put 50 lbs of 19-19-19 with a bigger particle and I set it on 17 to cover 9,500 sq. Ft. Anyone know the correct setting. I don't have time to set up cans and pans to calibrate. If no one has the answer I may have to.
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    cans and pans si the ONLY way to calibrate -- takes about 45 minutes at the most. Skip lawnsite for one night and its done!
  3. HydroRI

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    I was just looking for a close starting point , I know everyone walks at a different pace.
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    What I have found to work in general with the lesco spreader is the setting of 12 is generally around 2lbs/k
    setting 13 is .05 lbs more setting 14 is .05 lbs more etc. Ea number between 12 and 18 is throwing out about .05 lbs more. Fertilizer that is low in nitrogen should flow a bit faster as the material weighs more. Grass seed will not apply as it is extremely light. As mentioned your ground speed will alter this as well. When I calibrate I weigh a bucket of fertilizer before and after doing a 4k measured area. A digital bathroom scale a bucket and a couple of minutes and you know if your going heavy or light or dead balls on.
  6. Rtom45

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    The Lesco spreader has 2 set controls. The bottom control should be set on 1 and we have found that setting the calibrated control on 14 at a normal walking speed gives us 12,500 sq. ft. with an average size granular.
  7. TOMMY1115

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    Assuming the Lebanon product is similar size to Lesco products, goto http://www.lesco.com. Click on solution center (or something like that) then look for a spreader settings link, then under the products section, look for a 30% N product and use that setting.

    I think they give a number which is the number to use with the green step gagues.
  8. philk17088

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    I called them about it. On my spreader it is about 12-12.5

    Lebanon has a problem with even getting close on settings for Lesco spreaders
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    What model do you have?
    I have a slide on the bottom for the 3rd hole but no numbers(???)
    Only graduated scale is on the backside of teh hopper.
  10. Rtom45

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    Sorry, I don't have the model name - it's the Lesco 80# rotary spreader. The slide adjustment on the bottom should be set to close the 3rd hole. Depending on who does the work, we have to vary the setting. On open turf (ball infield) and a person walking "fast", we used setting 14 for the Lebanon fert and pre-m product. Other people working on sloped lawns with trees and shrubs... had to drop back to setting 12 for that same product. The 2 people doing the sloped lawns were also "slow" walkers.

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