Lesco Spreader worth the $$$?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by zz4guy, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. zz4guy

    zz4guy LawnSite Senior Member
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    So I was at my local Lesco dealer yesterday and they wanted $419 for their 80lb. stainless steel spreader. There are other spreaders out there for much less, but I am wondering if it's worth it to buy the Lesco? It looks like it should last longer. But I'm a new guy at this and would rather not blow $400 on a spreader.

    What do you guys think?
  2. AI Inc

    AI Inc LawnSite Fanatic
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    Ive had mine for 5 yrs , still looks new and works like the day I bought it.
  3. magland

    magland LawnSite Member
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    They are a good spreader. You might want to check around and see if anybody in your area sells Cub Cadet equipment. Cub Cadet used to make all of Lesco's spreaders, sprayers, and mowers. Once JD bought them out, it all ended. Cub Cadet has the exact same Lesco spreader only it has a dark yellow hopper instead of green. Might be a good thing if you spread Pendi. The hopper will already be yellow. They are going for under $350 in Omaha.
  4. Marcos

    Marcos LawnSite Gold Member
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    In the past I've bought all my stainless steel spreaders at Lesco.

    This past summer I passed by a yard sale that was just opening up one morning and a woman was wheeling out a Lesco stainless (older model) spreader, deflector and all.
    I asked her how much she wanted for it. She said she hadn't thought about it much. ( I remember she said it had been her son's, and he'd since moved out to a condo and gotten married. )

    Then she asked me how much I'd give her for it ...

    I held my breath and said $100, and I thought the woman was going to jump right out of her jogging suit she was so happy!
  5. naughty62

    naughty62 LawnSite Senior Member
    from iowa
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    A good thing about em is most any product, reguardless of brand name on the bag will have a lesco spreader setting.
  6. Ls92

    Ls92 LawnSite Member
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    Are they selling it with all the add ons?cause it goes for about $370 in florida .
  7. ted putnam

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    It's times like that you want to kick yourself in the butt and think,"I wish I'd have said $20":laugh:
  8. Marcos

    Marcos LawnSite Gold Member
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    You kidding!
    The thing is like new, with a 'deflector' that has a handle near the fert shut-off handle- something I don't have on the other ones.
  9. bug-guy

    bug-guy LawnSite Bronze Member
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  10. Blink74

    Blink74 LawnSite Member
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    I like the Lesco spreaders. The fact that it states on the Lesco fert exactly what setting o use is the biggest advantage. It makes them somewhat fool proof. I also like the deflector and third hole adjustment and they have a good spread pattern.

    My only complaint is that they clog easier the set pin that operates the rotor corrodes and breaks occasionally.

    I've only used the CBR spreaders in the past and didn't like them, but, they are cheaper. I hear Spykers are the best but haven't had one.

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