Lesco Team Mates, please respond ?!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by turfnh2oman, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. turfnh2oman

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    Okay, granted I keep up on labels but since when did Lesco change it's seed formulation for Team Mates? :confused:

    Used to be 10% P rye and 33% of 3 different TTT fescues. Now is 20% P rye and 26% of each fescue. Also the ryegrass vaiety is now Greenville. That's not what it used to be.:confused:

    Would like some knowledgeable opinions here.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Runner

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    I didn't even know they made any changes until now. We no longer use the Team Mates, as our Lesco doesn't even carry it. We are now using the Team Mates Plus, which has a bit of Bluegrass in it for a little better color. Yeah,...I know...Big whoopie! LOL
    I can say, that I believe this is a pretty big step down to actually double the amount of the cheap nasty Rye. I'll have to look at the bags of Plus I have out there, because I am willing to bet a dime to a donut, they did the same thing there. It HAS to come out of the same batch - atleast it sure seems like it would. I will look and come back with it.
  3. turfnh2oman

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    I would agree even without looking at the Plus label. It's all the same batch I assume with the KBG thrown in. Maybe a little less % on the fescues to allow room for the KBG. BTW, the KBG is for recovery purposes not necessarily color, but to each his own. As for the recovery part it is slow and so little KBG it really doesn't have time to recover anyway. Too much competition for the time it takes KBG to poke a new sprout to fill in. That's primarily why the industry's leaning toward developing rhizomatous Tall fescues which are still in the experimental stages and not fully developed yet.
  4. turfsurfer

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    Lesco changes their seed varieties every year depending on what is available. For instance their Transition blend may be all Tall Fescue but the cultivars will change year to year and sometimes (this year) even within the same year.
  5. Cliffside Stump Grinding

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    Now that were on the subject, can anybody explain to me what the heck the rye is for? The way I gather it, its more for holding and establishing power, and is NOT something you really want to have stay around. Also, doesnt it have little to no strength in heat?

    I used a blend of 3 fescues in the rear portion of my land, which I know is for shadier situation, but I also love the look of a nice blend of fescues. Germintation takes 10-14 on this though.

    On the other hand, I used Lesco Metro in the front 3/4 of my property. In looking at the label, I was somewhat disapointed in the amount of rye. There were two flavors, which may have made up 40% of it or so..... The rest is KBG and Red Fescue I believe. Im not extremely pleased with the lanscapers choice on this, however, it seems like its a very widely used blend in my area.

    Can anybody explain the rye theory? Also, Do the fescues, KBG, ect ect ect take over eventually, as the ryes dies off, like in the summer????

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