Lesco TRIGOLD fescue

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Bunton Guy, Mar 23, 2008.

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    I used lesco trigold fescue blend which is suposed to be their best seed they carry for the overseeding of most my yards this year. What is expected germination period on this blend of tall fescue in zone 7 afternoon temps in the low 70's high 60's? Its been roughly 8-9 days so far with no germination and 2 days of rain a few days apart with 1/2" the first & 1" the second time around. None have irrigation. I know in the past I used their transition blend but never paid much attention to germination patters.

    Usually I let the lawns go for around 3 weeks after aeration & re-seeding before I mow them again. Is this enough time?

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