Lesco Truckster spreader- broken shaft...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jason Rose, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Well today is not going good at all... I have a truckster spreader mounted on the front of my mower, works awesome, when it works... I have been having trouble getting the set screw to hold tight enough on the bottom of the impeller, that connects it to the motor. I tried a new screw, still slipped. Tried grinding a little flat spot on the shaft for the set screw to set, still slipped (I think the threads in the aluminum collar are giving out) So I got pissed after having been stopped two times today and I drilled a hole clear thru the shaft and put a pin in it. Worked great! for about an hour. Then the shaft snapped in half where I drilled the hole. I had a bad feeling that was going to happen... Has anyone ever replaced the shaft on that motor before? I think it's pressed thru the gear on it. My other option is welding it back together. There's about a half inch left coming out of the motor, hopefully I can have it welded. But will it hold? I was surprised how much torque that little motor has!

    Only other 2 options is a new motor for $240 or a whole new spreader for like $350. What a crap day... I'd push spread them all, I have a great Lesco push spreader, but my knee and arthritis don't like doing that right now. Kills me to walk on too many slopes and trying to maintain 3 mph. I told them to let me demo a permagreen, for about 2 days so I can get everything done... Nice thought but they don't have one currently and I think he knows I don't have the $$$ to buy one!

    Any idears? I figure we will try to weld and fab something to work. wish me luck!
  2. Turf Smart

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    I think they have their own version of a ride-on spreader for about half the price of a perma green. It doesn't have a spray tank but it sure beats walking!
  3. ns400r

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    Jason, we got 2 trucksters with tons of hrs on them and never had that problem, however we had one motor just stop and had to replace it, I know 240 bucks for a 350 spreader kills me!

    But its sounds like the set screw was stripped, or the shaft was worn down so much it didnt matter, I think your stuck with just getting a new motor & shaft. It might be worth just getting a whole new unit, then you got a parts one back at the shop.
  4. Ric

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    I have had the same problem many times and finally decided to drill a dimple in the shaft of my new truckster before I install it. That has worked for me in the past. I just bought my umteened Truckster and Decided to try the Third hole remote. Florida's rainy season is hard on any fert equipment. I have promised my self I won't let this one wet and will clean it with a blower every time. I also plan to buy a enclosed 12 ft for doing nothing but applys to keep everything dry.
  5. Williams Services

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    I just took mine back to Lesco and their mechanic fixed it. Free.
  6. Jason Rose

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    Well I think I have it fixed. Luckily I had about a half inch of shaft left after it broke off. Was able to re-tap the threads in the collar and put in a allen head cap screw with a lock nut. That combined with locking it on the flat place on the shaft I made seems to work great. I added a bit of shim on the underside of the motor (some 1/4 inch nuts) to get it back to the height it's supposed to be. I think I found my problem with why it wanted to slip... The agitator shaft that runs thru a plastic or nylon bushing was corroded and was really stiff to move back and forth. It took a lot of pounding, prying, and coersing to even get it out of there to clean it up. Even tho it's stainless it still pitted up and swelled in the bushing. I'll bet that's what caused all of this, heck I'm suprised the motor had enough guts to even turn it! Iv'e been using it today, works great, freezing my arse off tho... only 40 deg with a north breeze.

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