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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ANDY-W, Feb 7, 2003.

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    Has anybody seen Lesco's new spray rig. I was at my local Lesco dealer and he gave me literature but no pricing. Looks like it was built on their mower chassis like a Turf Tracker. Not very impressive. I wonder why a company like Lesco can't come up with some innovative motorized spray systems. Only the small manufacturers seem to really do a good job at innovation. Just a thought.
    Damn it's cold.
  2. So mounting a tank and spreaderon their mower is not innovative? Seems to me that it is a motorized spray system, and I haven't even seen it.

    BTW Lesco doesn't MFG ANYTHING. They have it made for them.
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    Why do I bother.
  4. You got 2 PG's and a Z-Spray why you bother looking at another?
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    Dear Lawn Goddess

    I seem to run into you quite a bit on this forum and we just don't seem to get along. So I will tell you what; You go on playing doctor Laura with all the answers and I will stay off of this forum. This should make us both happy. :cry:
    Have you ever heard of spell check.
  6. You spelled my name wrong have you?

    Do what ever you wish, not my money.

    But don't fill our ears with garbage, all those claims of problems you had are preventive maintenance items, of course you don't do them they don't last.

    Spelling I don't give a rats azz if I speel it rite.

    Look you asked a simple question you got an answer and it wasn't what you expected because this in not a perfect world.

    So you don't like go back to dream land.
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    I saw the literature on it, I agree it looks like a turf tracker. My lesco guy says it will be priced a bit below the turftracker to draw customers to it. I'd consider it if it works as claims.
    I rented a turf tracker this spring for a big job, I never did get the hang of it, but that was probably just me.
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    I saw the Lesco model in their literature last year also. I think it's a good looking unit and should perform well. The only drawback I think is the inability to get in gated yards. I like the low center of gravity the belly tank gives too.
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    For the record, we (LESCO) own 50% of the company that does manufacture the Viper S/S. And some of the people who run the joint venture used to work in our Sebring Equipment Manufacturing facility.

    Though it has nothing to do with your original question, I'd like to clear up the manufacture vs resell issue that has come up here. We manufacture all of our own Poly-Plus fertilizers in the largest plant of it's kind on the planet. Until last year, if you purchased ANY competing brand of SCU containing fertilizer, there was as good a chance as any that we actually produced the SCU. Due to our growth, this often placed us in the unenviable position of having to purchase bulk SCU at those times that we couldn't keep up with both our own sales & those of our competitor/customers. So now we keep the good stuff for our own blends. This decision has caused some of our competitors to scramble for different slow release nitrogen sources including one that doesn't even work!

    We also sell a few fertilizer grades that we blend (OURSELF) from sources that are vendor purchased, like Sustane, MU40, UF, & more recently, NOVEX di & tri-methylene urea. These make up a very small percentage of out total output.

    In fertilizer production for Professional use, LESCO is 6 times larger than our nearest rival.

    The viper had some engineering issues a few years back. We originally (15 years ago) used the same hydraulic wheel motors that most mower companies do today. We were using hydraulic wheel motors before Scag or Exmark for that matter (think 300 & 500 golf mowers). Sundstrand & Eaton come to mind but don't quote me on that. I can find out if anyone wants to know.

    Fast-forward to 5 years ago.

    Dumb decision. We were swayed into using an unproven (yet truely ingenious) drivetrain that was enigneered & built by MTD (out joint venture partner). The design had the potential to be the best drivetrain in the business, but a couple minor issues doomed the product to failure.
    We have abondoned that design & today use the same old hydraulic wheel motors that everyone else does. (as a side note - none of those decision makers still work for us.)

    No one who uses hydraulic wheel motors make their own. No One. We all buy components from the most sensible sources. Silly little items like Kawasaki Engines, Spraying System Tee-Jets, belts from Dayco, blades from Frederick, that sort of thing. The list of vendor supplied items is long.

    Like Scag, Toro, Ransommes, ExMark, John Deere, etc. our joint venture company (CTP or Commercial Turf Products) buys more components than we make. Most of us build frames (though some don't even go that far!), assemble, then market a product in the color of the buyers choice.

    Enough rambling. Just wanted to clear up the mfg issue.


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    Well spoken Tremor,
    To many people think that you guys resell.


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