Lesco vs Cub Cadet

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Is it true that Lesco is made by Cub. The reason I'm asking is because I have Lesco 36" that I have a hard time getting parts for. No dealer in my area for Lesco. If the Lesco and Cub are the same machines, maybe the parts are inchangable.

Thanks for you help
I know that Lesco is made by Cub, but I can only assume that the parts are interchangable. I would think they are


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Lesco and Cub Cadet are made by MTD. I have a MTD PRO MZ2554 that I bought in 1998. That was before they started putting the Cub Tank name and colors on them. And then Lesco got theirs. I also bought a MTD 36WB hydro. Both still run good. The Z we converted to a spray & fert machine. The WB is used at my home and kept for an emergency backup.


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yup, agree with wriken. Take it to a cub dealer. They are basically one and the same.


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Yes. They are made by MTD.Lesco hs baught 51%of MTD according to my dealer. My new 48 lesco w/b has the cub tank deck on it.


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Tell your dealer you have basically the same as a Cub Commercial 01008681 and you could use a parts list for it. Now some of the parts will be black instead of green, but they still work the same.

Lesco has not bought 51% of MTD. MTD bought out LESCO's portion of CTP, the manfacturer which makes both. CTP is now a MTD owned subsidarary (sp?). All of the commercial products (for MTD and LESCO) come out of that facility.