Lesco vs. Sun Turf or D & K

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by TnT, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Which 5 step turf progam will give me the best results and why?New to weed and pest control, just recently certified and trying to firgure out the best program for me in Central Iowa. All programs are Granular. I will spot spray with TRIMEC. THanks, TnT


    1. 19-0-6 30% Poly Plus Dimmension

    2. 21-0-12 50% Poly Plus 3% Momentum

    3. 24-5-11 50% Ploy Plus

    4. 21-3-21 75% Ploy Plus 2% Fe

    5. 34-3-11 20%

    Sun Turf:

    1. SVP. 18-3-10/.103% Dimmension

    2. ECG. 22-0-10 Millenium Ultra

    3. ECG. 28-3-10 50% UFLEXX

    4. ECG. 22-0-10 Millenium Ultra

    5. ECG. 20-0-20 70 % SCU


    1. DK 18-3-7 Dimmension

    2. AGC 16-4-8 20% slow release fert.

    3. 32-3-5 50% Poly SCU Fert.

    4. AGC 16-4-8 20% slow release fert. Millenium

    5. 32-3-10 20% Poly SCU Fertilizer
  2. tnt, how about application dates, lbs applied /m and % ai in bag.
    What rate of ai/acre of dimension is recommended in Iowa?

    Again fellow posters, not enough info to properly answer question. Would think anybody who has a pesticide license would realize this!!!


    sorry tnt, I'm taking out my frustration on your 1st post.
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    You are running too much Scu for your final app
  4. Bkelly56, when do you think his last app is? For all we know it could be 7/1/03!!!!!!!!!
    What rates of n are we assuming he is applying?
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    TimTurf, you seem to want to assume that TnT is a complete knucklehead.

    Can't we assume the vendors he has talked to is steering him in the right direction as far as timing and #N/M ??

    TnT, I'd go with the Lesco plan, But since you will be spot spraying with Trimec, perhaps use what they recommend for step 3 during rnd 2 as well as 3.

    Theres my 2 cents.
  6. Giving advice without all the necessary info is stupid!!
    After reading some of the post, I do wonder how much knowledge some people have!!

    Just trying to give TnT some good advice. I think too many people on this forum assume too much!!

    I'll heip you TnT if you pm me with requested info. Tim

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