Lesco weed & feed....quality???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Envy Lawn Service, May 16, 2003.

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    I don't really have the ime or energy for a long search right now so any posts would be appreciated.

    Is the Lesco weed & feed a quality product? I'm just wondering because I don't have a local Lesco and have never used any of their products. But now our Home Depot has Lesco stuff.

    The price is under $20 a bag while the Scotts I usually use is right at $30 a bag. The Scotts has more N and is a 15,000 sq ft bag while the Lesco has less N and is a 12,500 sq ft bag. The savings might be worth it if it's quality stuff. But if not, why skimp on price?
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    Bear in mind I am new, but my experience typically with Scott's type products is that to get good control by applying the amount of herbicide needed you have to apply way more N than I like to see. That is why the lesco product is lower in N and probably a better product.

    However, I reference you the the argument about liquid versus granular weed control the distribution of herbicide and the need for foliar contact with foliar herbicides, etc.

    Hope this helps,

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    I'm getting great results with Lesco granular products. The clients are very happy. If I had a way to get photos on here I'd show you! A little three way broad leaf weed spot spraying gets the rest.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    The N issue was my first thoughts prior to trying the Scotts products. Finally someone I trust came along and convinced me to try them. As of yet, I have never ever had a burn problem with any Scotts product applied at the recommended rates or a little more. The N is truely slow release. So I don't get burns or rapid growth from it.

    As far as liquid v/s granular, I can't argue that point much. I do however get great results with the granular and it does require that I have more expensive equipment to apply it evenly and quickly. The down side is that with granulars, I have to wait for those ideal conditions for application to get the maximum results.


    I think I'll take your word for it and try the Lesco once to see how it does. That is if I can ever get those ideal conditions to apply the granular. So far I haven't been able to time it out with the Scotts. It seems that every oppotunity I get to apply it to damp/wet turf, rain is expected in less than 24 hours. So I continue to wait. I have one account in particular that is in bad need. So I guess I'll have to make time for the application the 1st time conditions allow, even if than means breaking my route schedule to do it.
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    FYI there is a Lebanon dealer in Hickory Unifour Supply I think. They are right behind the Pepsi plant, guess that could be Longview. Gives you another option.....

  6. Liquid broadleaf control far better than granular!! Hands Down!!

    You say Scotts has more n, and truely a slow release, so their shouldn't be any burn. I WOULD ASSUME any scotts product used at recommended rate, and followed label instructions, wouldn't burn. In fact, that could be proable state for almost all manufactors!!!!

    I think the point is the turf doesn't need that much n in spring. If you look at scotts homeowner products, almost all too high in n, and to low in k.

    Truely a slow release, ok, what % is slow and what source of slow release.


    38-0-0 uf is 100% uf, but not 100% slow release
    4 of 38 units are urea, and another 7 units are sawn, and last 27 units are win. You get 11units of n release in first 8 weeks. Other 27 units release (most of the 27 units, depends on soil temp and micro) in 8 to 24 weeks, but could take up to 52 weeks for some of hwin!!!!!!!

    Look at label to see exactly how much is slow release n.

    helpful or confusing?

  7. Green Pastures

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    Granular for fert spray for weeds.

    WAY better results.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Thanks for the tip! I had someone else to suggest a Lebanon product to me on here before. I didn't know we had a dealer around here. Yes, he Pepsi plant is considered in Longview and I know right where it's at.

    Are you using their stuff with success?


    Like I said about Scotts, I had the same thoughts before using it. Too much N and not enough of the rest. For those accounts that want/prefer/pay the extra for Scotts, I use it. But I do supplement the program with more P & K and some point in the year. I do that especially if I don't use the starter w/ over seeding and the winterizer product. (both have more P & K than the others)

    As for your question about "slow release" I don't have a weed and feed package handy. But here is info off the standard turf builder to use as an example for you.

    29-3-4 6% S 1% Fe 0.5 Mn

    13% Urea
    9.8% methylenediurea & dimethylenetriurea
    0.9 water insoluble

    Anyways, the effects come on slow and I haven't experienced excess growth due to the N. So I don't have a problem using it and with my methods I have good results.

    Now in addition, bear in mind that that I don't have tons of different products available here, especially for weed & feed. But I will be trying either Lesco or Lebanon stuff soon.

    Green Pastures,

    Like I said before, I can't argue the liquid v/s granular weed control. But I don't have the equipment to apply liquid effectively. That is unless we are talking Weed-B-Gone hose end sprayers!

    I mean some of us do have to set budgets that have annual spending limitations ;) :D
  9. Green Pastures

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    Nothing wrong with hose end sprayers, they do work.

    You can get a sprayer at Home Depot for like $19.95, if you can't afford that you do need help.

    Annual spending limitations.....it's MAY dude! :rolleyes:

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yes, hose end sprayers do work and I have used them as a cheaper means to control weeds on smaller lawns. It works out good for that and for people with tighter budgets.

    Sprayers at Home Depot for $19.95??? Nah, really I just picked myself up a new one Thursday because my old one finally passed away and I needed one quick. I snagged myself a Roundup Professional Sprayer (woooo :D ) for right around $20.

    But use that to control weeds??? What do you mow, postage stamp lawns that get an occasional broadleaf here and there? Come on now! We're talking infested acreage here, not spot spraying!

    Granular is a bit more productive don't you think? ;) :D

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