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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Texashd4x4, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Texashd4x4

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    I purchased a 54 inch Lesco Z-two. I also bought a mulching kit for it. It took ordering three kits before the dealer sent my mower off to have a "pro" install it, said they were machined wrong or something. Anyways, we used it for the first time the other day. My wife used it on the first yard while i trimmed. When I got to the area she had just mowed I noticed several areas that had not been touched, so I went and got a push mower and finishe it up thinking she was sleeping while mowing or something. Well the second yard I used it and I quickly noticed the same thing. Its almost like th middle blade isn't even turning. I was mowing over weeds (half speed if that) with purple flowers on them and after I passed the little flowers were still there like nothing had happened. The yard looked like crap. I had to walk around with my weedeater and "mow" what my mower didn't. The grass and weeds were not tall so that was not the problem. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Or is this mower just a pile of crap. Last year I used a residential 50" cub cadet. That thing cut like a champ compared to the Lesco. Did I make a mistake by putting the mulching kit on? I can't go through the summer with it cutting like this. Please help.
  2. Mike Fronczak

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    Check to make sure the center blade is on tight, if its not the belt pully will slip & cuts like crap.
  3. Texashd4x4

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    Ok, thanks. I'll give it a shot.
  4. traman

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    did you ever use the mower without a mulch kit ?
  5. Turf Technologies

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    Hmm, ive never had aproblem with ine, but I dont have a mulch kit. Do they have the right size blades on or maybe one is upside down?
  6. Texashd4x4

    Texashd4x4 LawnSite Member
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    I just bought it Feb of this year so I haven't used it ith out the kit. I guess it's possible the blades are wrong, like i said it took three kits and a machine shop to get the baffles to fit.
  7. wriken

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    baffles would'nt really have anything to do with it not cutting w/center blade. I'd check the bolt, and make sure your belt for the blades is on correct, make sure the tenson pulley is doing its job.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    OK, I have a 60" with the mulch kit.

    The mulch kit is really simple to install... just a few bolts.
    However, I do have to admit... the fitment is just a little off on mine too.
    One piece does not fit the best.
    That would be the section that fits up to the right side of the center blade.
    The problem I believe is not the kit, but a weld bead.
    This weld bead is dead center of the deck and holds the stock discharge baffle in.
    So that puts it directly below the bolt holes for the mulch kit.
    My thoughts are this can be fixed quickly by grinding the edge of the baffle.
    Then I believe it would pull up correctly.

    However, I do have to agree with Wriken. Sounds like either the deck drive belt routing or the blade itself is not tight. Most likely your "pro installer" removed both the deck and the blades to install the kit. (not needed)

    But it is VERY easy for someone to SCREW UP with these mowers, both in getting the blades tight and belt routing. Heck I've even seen where people re-installed blades upside down.

    To check the blade tightness, you will need a 1 1/8" socket and a 1 1/8" wrench.These are thru-bolt spindles, EASY MISTAKE! So you have ahold of BOTH sides (bolt & nut) to get it tight.

    As for the belt routing, let me find the pictures I posted here......

    But I assure you these machines normally do just fine with the kit.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Had the same thing happen to me instantly in the first pass I took on the mower. Whoever set mine up from the crate and serviced it out for delivery made a mistake and did not get the belt aligned properly after releasing the tension arm to access the left spindle grease fitting.

    Here are the pictures.... which is what it will look like when you lift the footplate if the routing is not right.



    Note the pulley to the rear (tension) is in between and against the inside of the belt on the right side of the mower (return side for the belt). It should be against the outside of the belt on the left side of the machine. The pulley with the "T" on the bolt is the center spindle (where you'll need to put a wrench to tighten).
  10. Texashd4x4

    Texashd4x4 LawnSite Member
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    Ok, I will check it out. thank you for your help.

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