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Discussion in 'LESCO' started by joeg2246, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Hey Bob,
    I have been looking at new ZTR's and would like to see some pictures of the models your company offers. I have been looking at the Toro 74413 and the Scag Tiger Cub they both have 19HP kawasakis with the 48" deck. I would like more HP and a 52" deck but the pricing goes up considerably in those line if you don't buy thier PROMO models. You however offer a 23HP and a 54" deck for about $6,000 which is awesome. I logged onto my Lesco direct but when I got to the listing there were no pictures. Hope you can help me. If you want to e-mail me direct that would be fine. My e-mail is


  2. Bob West LESCO

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    I've got a brochure w/ a lot of good pictures. Let me know where to send it.

    Also, feel free to visit your nearest LESCO Service Center to see one of the machines first hand. We're confident that you'll like what you see.

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