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  1. awm

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    thinking about trying lesco weed an feed. how does it compare to turfbuilder two. any advice appreciated.
  2. Turf Technologies

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    We use it here in Florida.It really doesnt seemt o work like the scotts.If i had they say, and soon I will, ill go scotts all the way.
  3. tremor

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    Turfbuilder 2 is a retail preperation & probably won't be a good economic fit in the average commercial program.
    LESCO offers a lot of granular weed control items. Momentum is as good as it gets here in the Northeast. Contains confront with a 2,4-D kicker to speed it up.
    As slow as it is, maybe Atrazine is a better way to go in Florida. For the record, all Atrazine is exactly the same & comes from the same factories. Now the carrier is not always the same. Smaller prills are the rule up here & I see no reason (other than cost) not to realize the small prill benefits in FLA as well. Turfbuilder2 is a 2,4-D based herbicide up here in CT, so it has to applied to wet turf. It's faster than root absorbed herbs, but no where near as good.
    Is it the same formulation in FLA?

  4. Ric

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    Sorry, But this is one time I have to knock Lesco Products. Lesco has had a lot of trouble with there weed and feeds here in Fla. For some reason in the past it has not worked well. I no longer use Lesco weed and feed. Even your sales staff has told me they got a lot of complains. I have heard the "it is better now we make it different" story. I have not used Lesco weed & feed for the last several years, therefore it may work now. Lesco has good products and this is the first time I have knocked any of there products. The one dissapointment was the fact Lesco did not offer any rebate on a product they admitted was not up to par.
  5. KirbysLawn

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    I never use a weed & feed either. I used it once with fair results but it just does not fit into my plan. I do split apps of Dimension and there is no room for a weed & feed also. All my weed control is done by spraying.
  6. tremor

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    I have never relied on a granular herbicide product either. 100% of all post emergent herbicide treatments (commercial or otherwise) that I've made, have been liquid. The concept of attempting foliar absorption from a granular product has always seemed taboo to me. How is an applicator going to balance a fertilizer prill on a clover leaf? You can't, so don't try to convince me that it can be done. Outside of applying a herbicide dust, & the drift of a dust would be phenomenal. Dandelions are an exception. They seem to die easily enough with granules due mostly to leaf shape. But Dandelions die in May around here if you look at them cross eyed with a bottle of Threeway in your hand. (just kidding about that one).

    That said, here in the Northeast, our granular herbicide products are as good or better than the other products available. This isn't just my observaion. Momentum is in use, despite my prejudices, by several of my bigger clients who for one reason or another, insist on using it. I suppose the new "Neighbor Notification Law" in Westchester Co, NY is the root cause. All granular pesticide treatments are exempt from written notification. I still won't endorse the selection of any granular herbicide for professional application, but I ackowlege the need in NY at least. In the past, 2,4-D & other phenoxy based granular weed control preperations had to be applied to wet (& preferrably a little tall) turf in order to be even moderately effective. Regardless of manufacturer. Ester based formulations were sometimes capable of killing weeds that were treated dry if it was warm enough to cause some volatilization, but that in itself is a risk. Momentum contains chlopyralid & trichlopyr, the ingredients in Confront, & will root absorb even if applied to dry turf. Rain will eventually move the actives towards the roots.
    It's the customers are the ones who are raving. Not me. Liquids will work better every time & that's all there is to it. Up here anyway.

    What is in the Plus2 down there? Is it Atrazine? I have a New York based LCO with a very upscale commercial client base that is serviced from their Broward Co, Florida office. I'd heard some complaints from the Fla area about Weed&Feeds. So I asked my guy down there what he thought about this matter & he wasn't of the opinion that there has been a performance issue. He didn't like the fact that we ran into a label issue last year. That caused him to go elsewhere for his herbs while we got our label problems solved. He loves the fert we use in the Weed & Feeds for FL too.
    So I'm confused. Are we finding issues between the performance of 2 similar Atrazine containing products? Or is there a better choice of active ingredient for a granular FL herbicide? Is 2,4-D even offered in a granular Fla preperation?
    I obviously need to do some more research on this matter (& I will), but I'd like to hear your thoughts as to what the specifics are.


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