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  1. jamesday

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    I am about to start a new landscape company. I am looking at 2 Lesco mowers. A 36" and a 48" with sculley (is that how you say that?) anyway...they both look very clean and new. The 48 is a 99 and the 36" is a 2000. He wants $2300 for the 48 and $2000 for the 36. Are Lesco any good? I've never actually seen any around here. Are these good prices? He seemed to keep them in great shape. He even keeps the paint touched up.

    Any opinions would be great!!

  2. Scag48

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    I assume those are belts. Yeah, that's a pretty good deal. Not too bad. I've never heard much about Lesco here on the west coast, but I guess they're okay. I don't exactly know what that "sculley" thing is though?:confused:
  3. jamesday

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    Yeah, I think that's my bad...sulky maybe? I have no idea...somebody help me. It's a "thing that bolts on back with wheels that you stand on". ha

    And yes, they're both belt driven.
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    I just bought a new Lesco 48 Hydro and love it. I payed 3800 w/ the sulky. Are these mowers new or just look new. Cause they are running a speacial right now until the 31 a new belt drive 48" is $2199 and the 36" is $2050. The sulky is $300 and some change. So with that said i don't think you are gettin a good deal. With the new ones you get a warrenty. Hope this helps.
  5. heygrassman

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    There have been a few threads lately on the quality of Lesco WB's. You can find this with the Search Feature and typing in "Lesco Mowers"


    You may also want to try Capt Devo. He can normally get some decent pricing on New and Used:


    At the begining of the year I bought a 1 yr old 36" Exmark Metro for $1800+tax. I am not a Lesco expert but I think the Exmark deck is heavier gauge than the Lesco (not 100% sure of that).

    Good Luck..

  6. 36" belt drive new would be about $2400

    48" belt drive new would be about $2600

    I would say look elsewhere. If they are hydro's then it could be a decent deal.
    They are about the same, they both have reenfoced skirts.
  7. LMAO Sulke = Velke, Proslide, Jungle Wheels, Rocket Wheels, Bull Rider. etc..... You know those things you stand on to ride behind the mower?

    Remember those???????:D
  8. kjo43

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    I just picked up a 2000 Lesco 54" Hydro W/B Floating deck 19 Horse Kawi with approx 400 hours for $2000.

    Some say I got a killer deal...I like to think it was a good deal, but in any case the numbers given for those machines (if they are belt drives) are a high for my area, I would think both for $2000-2500 depending on hours/condition would be a fair price around here.
  9. Scag48

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    LGF-I know what a sulke is, just don't know what a "sculley" is, which is what he referred to. Maybe I just didn't think that's what he meant.
  10. TurfGuyTX

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    James, those prices are fair. Are they at there lowest available price? Lesco is doing some great deals right now during their customer appreciation event ending Aug. 31. I have had a wonderful relationship with Lesco. They are very capable of giving you some good information. If you succeed, the better chance they'll succeed too. Is there another Lesco you can go and compare prices?(secretly) They do have room to negotiate and depending who you work with, you may get a better deal.

    My experience has been great and I hope your will be too. Good luck to you James.

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