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    Hi all, just went to my local Lesco dealer this morning. To start with, i'm not very impressed! Its only about my second time going there and each time I've gone, its like the guy there feels he has to condescend to my level. Its true that I'm relatively new to this industry. But in my opinion I rather not do buisness with anyone who treats me that way.
    The problem is that here in MAINE where I live are limited for industry specific dealers, i.e. fertilizers, commercial grade equiptment, ect. And to ask a fellow landscaper where his sources are is like asking how much his account across the steet pays him.
    It is true, that at present I do not have my liscence to apply chemicals. By the way, I do not apply them myself either, ever. But I will be going for my liscense this winter. So I'm trying to think ahead and line up a GOOD distributer for next year after I have the necessary credentials to apply. So my question is,any sugesstions on distributors up my way? Or one nationaly that won't kill me with shipping. Thax for the help...
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    grazer--eventhough you had an unhappy couple of visits to LESCO, they are a tool for the trade that can be used to your advantage. that's considering if you aren't too upset with them.

    I run a (used) LESCO machine and when I started going there I felt like they were treating me like a small fish.

    after the third or fourth visit, my guys knew me and called me by name when I walked through the door. I soon felt better about things and now I don't give it a second thought. if it takes them a minute for them to look up and speak while they are on the phone closing a 30,000 pound fertilizer deal, hey no big deal.

    I hope shared experiences helps. good luck!

  3. Guido

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    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Lesco. The Lesco I use to buy from in CT was nothing but friendly and helpful all the time, and like geo said, they are an excellent resource to have. Maybe you should try talking to the store manager about the way you were treated and give them another chance? I always was amazed on how fast they knew me on a first name basis, even before I was a "big spender" there. Its too bad that a coupe of A-Hole salesman can bring down a large companys name like that. Hope everything works out for you!!'
  4. KirbysLawn

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    I agree with Geo and Guido, my Lesco is great. They are always willing to help, answer question in person or over the phone, and when I bought my sprayer they even offered to go to a few lawns to help me get started! They also will drive to a property you maintain and give suggestion on problem areas you may have. I don't think I would be quite where I am today if it wasn't for the Lesco I use.
  5. Lazer

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    That's the way my Lesco is, too. And I buy more $ from them each year than those guys make in a year! They're very condesending and unknowledgeable.

    2 examples: (just last week)

    1.) A new Lesco hydro spreader was quoted at $2500.00
    (real price is supposed to be $1350.)
    2.) They didn't stock any Toro Z-Master blades because that mower was so "unpopular".

    I buy from them because their fertilizer is cheap and they have a lot of the chemicals I need.

    Forget about how they treat you personally and ask yourself if they benefit your business.

  6. gene gls

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    I agree with Lazer. I started with Lesco this year also and just a drop in the bucket compared to other outfits but they treat me great.I like their ferts with slow release and iron. I was buying from Jonathan Green out of NJ but had to buy in quanity and always ended up with extra.They are very good to buy from and have a huge selection of products. I still buy their seed. Stephen McCarthy is the sales rep in Main, 781-582-3989 phone#.They also have an excelent catalog that discribes their products.
  7. Eric ELM

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    I agree with Kirby, I have a good Lesco dealer. Helped me big time.
  8. Lazer wrote:

    >2.) They didn't stock any Toro Z-Master blades because that mower was so "unpopular".

    Wow that was a bone head reply.

    The 62" toro deck must be in the top 5 of all time mower
    decks produced to date. I know of one golf operator that
    has 4-62" groundsmasters. Plus there has been afew 62" walkbehinds produced and they are selling 62" toro ztrs
    big time.
  9. dhicks

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    Our Lesco dealer in Gaithersburg, Maryland is top notch.

    To be totally honest, on my fist visit to Lesco, I called to make sure that I had the correct address and hours of operation.

    The person who answered the phone when I called seemed to be rude and since I had no idea where the Lesco store was located (other than address) he wanted to know if I was commercial or "JUST SOME RESIDENTIAL OWNER". I would guess that had I said residential he would showed his arse.

    I thought this SOB is nucking futts. Well, I arrived and introduced myself and they took me through most of the products, equipment and services available. Pumped me full of Lesco catalogs and such.

    Other than the initial phone call, I've been treated with respect everytime. GrazerZ you may want to give your local Lesco dealer a second chance. I'm glad that I did!
  10. bob

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    I've had nothing but great service every time I've been to Lesco. They have even cracked open the soda machine and handed me a complementry drink. They don't however like to help "Joe Homeowner". They"ll send him to Home Depot. Most of the guys working there have a green industry back ground and can understand any problems that you might come across.

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