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    I have some experience with Lesco equipment and materials. I have some sprayers, spreaders, and a Lesco Renovator, and have used mowers and their aerator. I am less than impressed. As Lazer mentioned, they are copycats not innovators. In fact, we have to find innovative ways to keep the seed hopper on our Renovator. Lesco Stores sell the equipment, but have no real professionals on staff to service the stuff. They usually send it down to some mechanic in the area to figure out. <p>They sell a lot of fertilizer and chemicals, and have a pretty good place in the market. I know and like their people who I am familiar with. However their corporate offices are becoming pretty aggressive, and buying fertilizer plants, removing the local blenders from the marketplace, therefore driving prices up for comparable product.<p>These statements are not speculation on my part. Our business built a big drive through building and set up a nursery to sell landscaping products and services to landscapers. In one respect, we essentially compete with Lesco, even though they are a few towns away. However we don't sell equipment, because we aren't equipped to service it correctly. <p>In conclusion, I often suggest to others that support of a local dealer for products from trimmers, mowers, fertilizers, etc. is a good way to do business. I am not knocking Lesco, just saying to buy from an independent local dealer when possible. You will probably be more satisfied, and receive higher quality service.<p><p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply - http://members.aol.com/slsnursery<br>Ivy League Landscaping - http://members.aol.com/scagrider
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    Copycats or not, the machine is built good at a very reasonable price.. Hey Lazer, lesco mowers ARE NOT made by MTD anymore. Lesco has their own factory and assembly plant that manufacturers all of their equip., whoever told you that was misinformed. i am just impressed with my local lesco service center, so thats why i am arguing this. and their employees at this center are ex-landscapers and know just about everything so they are very helpful..
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    Well, JML, let's make it fair: We'll swap one of the guys from your service center and send him up here, then maybe my service center will have one guy who knows his stuff. The guys in our service center are ex-landscapers too, cause their businesses flopped.<p>Anyway, the MTD ZTR is the exact same machine as the Lesco Viper. They've got some connection, and the Viper was just introduced last year.
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    well guys just read lesco's annual report and you will see that there is a joint venture between Lesco and MTD called commerical turf products. One day they make green machines next day they make gray and red machines. Lesco has the ideas but MTD has the manufacturing expertise. MTD could build cheap machines at a profit but they could never build commercial machines. Lesco on the other hand started in a little building in sebring florida and couldn't build their machines fast enough. they constantly have equipement shortages. Couldn't buy any renovators in october 1999. most Lesco stores don't have mechcanics because they pay on the flat rate and they starve to death if they rely on fixing their own machines. They are good machines, not innovative, no double engines, no fancy paint jobs, no fur lined seats they just go out and work. some break down but are easy to fix. remember what really counts is how many times it broke down in five years and the total cost to repair it. not what they did in the last two weeks. Talk to people that own them and find out how much time they spend fixing them. Lesco has done nothing but grow in products and profit the last few years and you don't do that by having unsatified customers. If they were as predatory like a previous author suggests, they could buy Scag and Ransomes with their petty cash fund. I suggest that instead of buying their mower right now you buy their stock and when they announce their year end profits you take your gain and buy two mowers
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    fireball--now that's doing some homework!<p>GEO
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    Thank goodness that stock surge doesn't come as a result of equipment sales & service.<p>You be lucky to be able to afford a line trimmer. (Oh, yeah, they don't make their own trimmers, either)
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    We have one Lesco 48 that is three years old and another that is two. They are both used full time and are holding up very well. <p>----------<br>Stephen<br>
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    lets see what equipment lesco makes....<br>walk behinds they used to make these solely themselves (and they are copys of a scag), now they have a joint venture with mtd called c.t.p. commercial turf products, and that is also where there current riders are made.(also available in mtd pro and cub cadet)<br>handheld equipment, used to be echo, now company called shibura(stihl and husky copies) (same as the mtd pro handheld equipment)<br>aerators and renavators, company called classen, at least thats who made em last year...<br>leaf units (truck loaders) company called salsco.<br>sprayers...this one also available in mtd pro<br>so as you can see lesco to my knowledge does not make there own powered equipment anymore. and all the powered equipment you can buy at lesco can be bought elsewhere under a different name.<br>but i do love there spreaders, best you can buy in my opinion, and you can buy those in the mtp pro name also.....<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: mowerconsultant
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    Lazer, I hear exmark is changing their name to TORMARK. Same friggin machine as the toro, with a fabricated deck instead of the stamped one. Yeah, boy that is really innovation, the professors at exmark really have been burning the midnight oil on that one. And word is from the guys at the shows this year, that &quot;integration will continue where possible between the two lines.&quot; Now if you'll climb down off your crippled high-horse, let's get to the nuts and bolts of the situation....I really don't give a flying blue tird WHO makes the equipment sold through the Lesco service centers. Point is , the equipment is good... not because I like the name ,or the color of the equipment ,or because it has a steering system any drunken m onkey could use(t-bar)<br>The equipment is proven in the field by people who have actually had their ASS behind it in the field. I don't care what your OPINIPON is, what are your EXPERIENCES with this equipment? NONE. How can you have any clue if you just stand back and <br>think you KNOW everything? Got two Lesco 48 inch walks and one Bobcat 48 inch walk that only gets uses as back up or on x-large jobs. Both my guys like the Lesco's better, as well. My company prefers Lesco 3 to none...THAT's my experience.<br>
  10. lakegaston wrote:<p>&gt;or because it has a steering system any drunken m onkey could use(t-bar)<p><br>Well at least this drunken monkey will be<br>able to grasp a can of beer in twenty years.<p>Maybe you could use one of the camel bladders<br>with some tubing to drink from.<br>

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