Lesco's HP Spreader? With a sprayer?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Jason Rose, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Does anyone run a Gregson Clark Sreadermate sprayer? I'm looking into buying a Lesco HP Spreader and would also like to be able to spray as well. Sorta like a Permagreen, only about 2 grand less in cost. I don't really ever see a need for me to spray and spread at the same time so that option really isn't important.

    1. Are the Lesco HPS any good? Has their been problems with them and so on... Can you do hills? Ditches? Manuverability in small lawns? Spreading in reverse? (to catch corners and whatnot)

    2. If anyone has used one of these sprayers, are they worth the money? It's battery operated and the website says you can get 90 minutes of runtime on a battery and can be charged with vehicle or a/c power. batterys are replaceable allowing the user to have more than one.

    I haven't done the math yet, adding up everything that would be needed. The spreader, the sprayer, then a spare battery, charger, ect.
    The cost of the units are:

    Spreader-Mate A (Single Nozzle style) US$495.00 + Shipping. (UPS)

    Spreader-Mate B (Folding Boom style) US$735.00 + Shipping. (UPS)

    Here's a pic or 2 off the site...

  2. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    another pic.....

  3. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    P.S. I did a search on the topics, everything on here was at least a year or three old now... Did learn a bit tho, just haven't seen any talk about the Lesco HPS in a while.
  4. lawnservice

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    for us lesco's hps is to light weight, so we dont use it.

    You could get the spray system from perma green (same system as their ride-on units except only 2 gals and runs off a 12 volt battery- 2 batteries supplied with unit)
    attach that spray system to your hps and now you can spread and spray at the same time.

    check out the sprayer at perma greens web site

    you say you will never have a need to spread and spray at the same time??? sure you will....with that drop in unit you wont be able too
    cost is around 350 for the one gal shown on the site. 2 gal cost is around 400
  5. lawn king

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    We are running 2 lesco HPS units and like them a lot! Good on fuel, they start right up, very,very little down time! We have a pump sprayer ( 2 gal.) rack mounted on each machine,so we can spot spray as we go. As far as the C.G. spray system,i wouldn't buy it, you loose all the hopper space. It's just a matter of time until we see the lesco spray system.
  6. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    Ok, I will restate that I have NO need to spread and spray at the same time. I'm not new and just starting here, I already have my client base and have been promised several large properties for this fall and next season (and hopefully beyond). Here in KS I have not found too many instances where spreading fert and doing a blanket app of 3-way is done at the same time.

    I will finish my retort later... But please, I'm still looking for people with experience with the spreader mate! I WANT the 9 gallon capacity, not 1 or 2... Thanks for the positive report on the HPS, sounds promising!
  7. lawnservice

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    I wasnt gonna even bother responding....but since i got a few minutes to kill....

    No need to spray and spread????

    maybe I need to move to KS?
    I got to believe that KS, just like every other place on this earth, has weeds?

    why would you want to spread fert then go back to the truck and drop in that spreadermate to go back on the lawn again. doesnt it make good sence to spread fert and when you see weeds 'squirt' them at the same time as you are ferting?

    but its your business, you run it the way you want.

    good luck
  8. Bgaz

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    I got a HP spreader last week and I really like it. My body weight is low so I have no problem with the hopper raising up off the ground like some of the "big boys" :D I used it 4 hours today and actually had fun spreading fertilizer, never thought I would say that!

    We only fertilize and do weed spray on the 95 accounts that we mow, so there really was no need to spend $5k+ on a spreader and sprayer combo. My yards are all in such good shape, wandering around with a backpack checking edges is really all that is required. We sometimes drop orange plastic golf balls while fertilizing so the follow up weed person can just go right to the weed.
  9. Jason Rose

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    When I say "I have no need to spray and spread at the same time" I am not saying that we don't have weeds! We have plenty. The problem is that the granular fert. applications and spraying broadleaf weeds don't coordinate.

    The first app is too early to spray for broadleafs but if you wait the 7 or 8 weeks till the next app of fert the broadleafs are way outta control. So somewhere in the middle there you need to Spray only.
    THEN, after the 2nd app of fert there may be edges and whatnot to spray, but it's more spot treatment and not on every property.
    Now, coming into fall here I could see where spraying at the same time as the 4th app may be helpful, but only on the few lawns that have a large influx of weeds would ever need to be sprayed, most people aren't worried about what few weeds there are because they know the seasons nearly over anyway.
  10. lawnservice

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    okay, i'm beginning to understand now. Thanks for the explaination (not that you owed me one)

    i wasnt trying to ruffle any feathers and hope i didnt.

    we go out in spring (rnd 1) and will spot spray weeds using an ester formulation with good results. our rnd 2 temps are getting pretty warm and we switch over to an amine and spot spray

    I am a fan of Gregson Clark but have never used the drop in sprayer. I do think their products are quality built, i would expect that the drop in sprayer is as well?

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