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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bif, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. bif

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    ...I was advised by another member of this site to post this here: so if it doesn't belong I apologize...

    I bought some macron fertilizer from the store in Lancaster and was overcharged according to their website. I call the store, and they give me the runaround, so I post on the lesco forum, which is, of course, monitored and censored by bob west who is from lesco.

    Bob lets my post go thru and then replies that i can contact him to resolve the problem, he leaves his email and phone number...I try to contact him several times by phone, leaving my return numbers...and I email him, this goes on over a period of 2-3 weeks.

    He doesn't reply or anything!!! So then I try to post again on the lesco forum calling him on the carpet for his poor customer service...of course he doesn't let this post go thru as he would then be exposed for the fakir he is...
    He would have been better off to tell me he couldn't help me, rather than pretending he could and then not...

    He also did this to someone else who posted on the lesco forum, I PMed the other guy and we briefly chatted about it, but I won't say anymore about that since it's not me...

    angry at lesco...

  2. Runner

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    It sounds like you did the right thing. No response is no response. You are shuffled at the bottom of the pile now. Take THIS post of yours, and copy and post it on the Lesco forum as well so he sees it. I have to tell you, although our store is a good one, I am hearing more and MORE negative things about Lesco all the time. Now, they aren't even addressing issues that they SAY would be addressed? I don't care,..."sponsor" or not, truth is the truth. There are too many people working for companies like UHS and Lebanon, and other companies that are eager to do business with operations, and this site gets ALOT of exposure.
    Good luck with it, and I hope they can get this issue resolved...esPECially the way you were treated by the store guys to begin with!
  3. Cigarcop

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    I'll second that, I like the products but the service is in need of help.
  4. bif

    bif LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    I did copy this post to the lesco forum, I feel rather certain that Bob won't post it though...

    but I did make him aware that it has been posted elsewhere...

  5. T.Wells

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    Yes, I am "The Other Guy" that was referred to in the original post by Steve.

    I also posted about my troubles with Lesco customer service and pricing. I posted here, was NOT allowed to post my complaint in the Lesco forum and PM'd Bob asking for assistance or an explanation of the pricing of their products. Needless to say, I did not even get a response from Bob through PM or a reply to my thread.:angry: :realmad:

    I am currently looking for somewhere else to purchase my goods. The problem is, I am still learning and became familiar with the products and good offered at my local Lesco which happens to be very close to my home.

    So ... I agree. Lesco has poor service and Bob's support on the site is poor at best. I have purchased from other LawnSite sponsors and the customer service has been superb (Meg-Mo and Landscape Supply).

  6. Runner

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    So I guess it is making peopkle wonder and ask...Why is even a Lesco forum ON this site? What good does it really do? Any of the general questions can be answered by ANYone at any of the Lescos.
  7. ProMo

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    I dont shop at lesco anymore, they want 156 dollars for roundup that I can get for 112 dollars at a different supplier

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